MyOPD ZIP Rewards – How they work?

  1. Tap “?” Button on Patient List. Then choose My Rewards. Rewards can also be accessed from Main Menu -> My Rewards
  2. Tap Share Link Button in the app
  3. Send your invitation link to your friends over WhatsApp / Email etc. You can share to an individual or to a group as well.
  4. When your friends sign-up using this link, you are notified.
  5. Your friends will see a special discounted one-time price because you have invited them. They can choose to subscribe to a plan or buy one-time option. In any case, free days are added to your subscription.
  6. When your friends subscribe to the app, free days are added to their subscription as well.

You can delay your next payment date by earning free subscription days. Simply invite more to get more benefits.

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