Track outstanding payments of patients

There are cases when patients don’t pay the full amount. In such cases, the Clinic / Doctor gives credit to the patient and asks them to pay it in the next visit.

However, there are times when both Patients and Doctors / Reception staff forget to take into account the unpaid balance while accepting the next payment from patient. This results in a loss of revenue.

Don’t lose money! MyOPD ZIP reminds you of the unpaid balance while accepting a payment from patient. This way, you don’t lose money.

How to see Unpaid balance amount of patient? #

  1. Unpaid balance is clearly shown when the patient’s Visit is opened in MyOPD ZIP App. Plus, it is also shown while accepting a fresh payment.
  2. You can also generate an Outstanding payment report from within the MyOPD ZIP App. Tap Reports at the top of patient list. The scroll down to see Current Outstanding Payments. Tap on See Patients to see the list of patients having outstanding amount.

Most Doctors recover more than the cost of MyOPD ZIP app by just making sure their unpaid balances are paid. Isn’t that great!

Make sure you have the latest version of MyOPD ZIP Android app. Download / Update app from Google Play at

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