MyOPD ZIP Rewards – Terms and Conditions

This document gives an overview of Terms and Conditions associated with the MyOPD ZIP Reward program.

Document Date: 14th December 2021

  1. This Reward program is applicable only to MyOPD ZIP on Android. The app in question is
  2. Doctor can invite any number of fellow Doctors using their personal invitation link. There is no limit on the number of invitations you can send.
  3. When any other Doctor installs the MyOPD ZIP Android app for the first time, using the personal invitation link shared by the Doctor, both Doctors become eligible for the benefits under the rewards program.
  4. When the Doctor who was invited subscribes for the first time, both Doctors get the benefits as explained below:
    1. The Doctor who was invited gets additional days added to their first subscription. This additional free days in subscription are given because the Doctor installed using the invitation link of the friend.
    2. The Doctor who invited gets additional days added to their current subscription extending their subscription renewal date. As more and more people install the app using invitation link and subscribe, the inviting Doctor’s subscription renewal date keeps on going ahead further. The payment for renewal is thus delayed gaining them free usage of the app with all the features.
    3. In case the Doctor who invited other Doctor does not have active subscription, the reward of additional days on subscription will be applicable on the next subscription done by Doctor. However, the reward has to be claimed before the date of expiry of the reward.
  5. At the moment, this rewards program is applicable only for Doctors using Android platform i.e. The Doctor who is inviting and the Doctor who is getting invited, both have to use MyOPD ZIP app on Android platform only.
  6. Doctors can see their reward history within MyOPD ZIP app, within Menu -> My Rewards section.
  7. Decision of Catalyze Systems Private Limited will be final in case of any disputes arising out of the use of rewards program.

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