Print Height, Weight, Blood Pressure Charts on Rx

Sometimes patients visiting Doctors are chronic patients. These patients are regularly monitored for their Weight, Blood Pressure, Creatinine. Pediatricians also monitor the Height, Weight or Head Circumference of the child.

MyOPD ZIP allows you to print these charts right along with the prescription. Printing vital chart gives patient instant feedback about their health condition trend. It also helps in treatment compliance as patients see their trend of Blood pressure or the measured parameter under control with the use of medication.

Below are the steps to help you print such a trend chart:

  • Enter the Vitals for the patient in the Vitals section of the Visit.
  • Tap on the Printer icon at the top right corner of the Patient Visit. There is also a printer icon at the bottom of the Patient Visit. However, the bottom printer icon is a quick print icon without option to select items to be printed.
Top Printer Icon
  • After tapping the top right print icon, a page will open which will give options to select the items to be printed.
  • Select the UPDATE SELECTION option
  • Select the VITAL CHARTS option on the next screen as shown below.
  • Charts of the Vitals entered in the visit will be seen here. If you have captured vitals in multiple visits of the patient, the chart will have last 8 vital values.
  • Select the chart that should be included on the Rx.
Blood Pressure Chart on Rx
  • The chart then gets printed on the Rx. See the below Rx image
Sample Rx with Vital Charts

Make sure you are using the updated version of MyOPD ZIP app. Download the latest version of the app from Google Playstore at

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