How to Admit a Patient?

This article helps you with steps to Admit a patient using MyOPD Beds Hospital Management Software.

  • Make sure you are in the IPD Desk section of MyOPD Beds Hospital Management Software
  • Select the Patient to be Added. If the Patient is not Registered, Add the patient. Below image shows how this view would appear after you select the Patient

    Select Patient To be Admitted
  • Click the Admit button to Admit the Patient. See the image below. Please note, if the patient is already admitted, this Admit button will not be seen.

    Admit Button
  • Review the Patient’s Past Visit Summary in the Hospital. Past Visit Summary will show Previous OPD visits of the patient as well as the IPD visits of the Patients. See Image below for reference.
    Past Visit Summary
  • Select the Admission Details tab and Enter Admission Date of Patient and the Time of Admission. You can also enter the date in past in case you are creating the Admission Record for a patient who was admitted few days back.
    Select Admission Date and Time
  • Enter all the other fields whichever are applicable at the time of admission. Medico Legal Case Number (MLC No) and First Information Report Number (FIR No) allow to capture details in case of a Medico Legal Case at the time of Admission.
  • While selecting the Bed at the time of Admission, you will see only the available beds. All the beds on which patients are already admitted will not be seen. Select the Bed according to the requirement (ICU, Non-ICU) and the budget of the patient.
    Bed Selection for Admission
  • On completion of entering the required details, click the Next Button.
  • Continue entering the details like Presenting Illness Summary, Vitals at the time of Admission and so on. These can also be copied from the previous OPD visit of the patient if the patient is coming straight from OPD to admission. This will save time of entry. See the below image for details
    Patient Details Vitals at Admission
  • View the Preview of the Entered Admission Summary Record
    Admission Preview

    Admission Record Preview
  • Once you are done with the Entry of Admission, click the Admit button.
    Admit Button

You can also watch the demo video explaining this functionality on YouTube

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