Accept patient payments via Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking / UPI in MyOPD ZIP app.

MyOPD ZIP app allows you to accept payment online from your patients for clinic visits or while booking an online appointment using Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking / UPI.

This feature is currently available only in India.

This article gives an overview of charges levied for this feature by the Payment Gateway that processes these payments.

Sample Calculation for amount received by Doctor in the Bank Account* #

Paid Amount by Patient (INR)Payment Gateway Charges (INR)MyOPD FEEFinal Amount in Your Bank Account (INR Approx)
Details of Patient Payments via Contactless Payments

* All transactions are assumed to be done by the payer using UPI. So the Payment Gateway charges will be around 0.9% plus GST. For other payment methods, please see the Payment Gateway charges table below.

Payment Gateway charges: #

You have already seen the sample calculation above. Payment gateway charges currently applicable for various payment methods are explained in this section. Whenever a payer transacts any amount, the payment gateway applies a charge based on the method of payment by the payer. Current charges by our payment gateway provider are given as under.

Payment MethodsPricing
Debit Cards less than 2K0.75%
Debit Cards more than 2K1.10%
Credit Cards1.90%
Mobile Wallets1.90%
GST18% on the payment gateway charges.
Not on the full amount.

Please Note:
Once the amount is paid by the client it will get transferred to your Bank Account in 2 Business days.

How to Submit Bank Details? #

Online payments can be collected only after your Bank Account is linked to the app. To link your account, do the following:

  1. Open Payments section of Patient
  2. Save a Payment
  3. Tap on Request Online Payment
  4. Submit your Bank Details using the form. Make sure the account is in your or your clinic’s name. Other accounts will not be approved.

Once the details are submitted, our team will take at max 2 business days to link your account to the app.

You may also submit Bank Account Details while setting up your clinic for online booking. Simply edit the clinic and try to set the charges for online appointment. App will prompt you a form to fill Bank Account details.

To conclude #

Once your Bank account is linked to the app, you can use it to

  1. Accept online payments
  2. Accept payments when patients book the online appointments

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