Setting up Online Consultation Clinic

Let’s quickly see how we can setup our Online consultation service. Online consultation service allows Doctors to:

  • Set days and time when online consultation will be provided
  • Set number of patients per day for online consultation
  • Set the online consultation fee which the patient can pay prior to appointment booking.
  • View a list of patients and their phone numbers who have booked the online consultation appointment.
  • Mark certain days as Holidays / Unavailable in case Doctors are going to go to Conferences or are on vacation.

Create your Online Consultation Clinic Profile: #

  1. Login to your Web Profile page at
  2. Use your registered email address with MyOPD to login. At times, your email address will be set in capital letters. Your registered email address is present in MyOPD Windows version software at: Profile -> My Profile.
  3. Click “Add Teleconsultation Clinic” button at the top
  4. Add the details like – “Teleconsultation Clinic Name”, Address, City etc.
  5. Enter Teleconsultation Charges. When you set Teleconsultation Charges, the patient will pay these charges before booking the appointment. If you do not want to charge the patient before booking the appointment, enter the Teleconsultation Charges as 0.
  6. Tap the Enable Teleconsultation button so that the Teleconsultation service will be marked as active. The user will start seeing the Book Appointment button on your Web page available on MyOPD Website like this Dr. Sample Test
  7. Now Set Time Slots. Select the Start Time and End Time for days on which you want to offer Teleconsultation service.
  8. Enter the Number of Patients to be consulted in that time in the Total Slots section.
  9. The Time Slot Display String gets ignored for now. However, you can set it to the times selected above.
  10. Once you are done with entering your information, click on Save.

That’s it. Your online consultation clinic is now Ready.

View Online Consultation Page #

Now that you have setup the page nicely, how do you check your page?

  1. Scroll down on the Main My Profile page.
  2. You will see a button “View My Web Page“. Click this button and your own personal page on MyOPD Website will open.
  3. Start sharing this page with your patients.

Marking Unavailable Days, Holidays #

Read more about this at Setting up Holidays for Teleconsultation Clinic

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