MyOPD ZIP – Getting Started

MyOPD Zip is aimed at allowing Doctors to practice entirely without the Desktop / Laptop. It is a completely new product designed from scratch to allow Doctors to practice using a Mobile or a Tablet.

Which Smartphone does MyOPD Zip work on? #

MyOPD ZIP works on Android Smartphones, Android Tablets and Select Google Chromebooks models.

Will MyOPD Zip work offline? #


Can I see some screenshots of the App? #

Here is the direct link to check screen shots on Google Play:

What are the charges for using MyOPD ZIP App? #

MyOPD ZIP can be purchased under one-time as well as subscription options. Choice can be made from monthly, yearly or one-time plans. Please install the app to check the various country specific pricing charges.

Can I use MyOPD Zip on multiple phones/tablets at the same time? #

Yes. MyOPD ZIP provides multi-device support. You can use MyOPD ZIP on Android Phone and Android Tablet at the same time.

What happens if I change the device? #

You can download the app again and on the new device. Once you login using the same Google Account as earlier, your data will be restored automatically on the new device. Your purchase will be restored on the new device as well.

Can I print prescription using MyOPD ZIP? #

Yes, MyOPD ZIP can print prescriptions using a WiFi printer.

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Can I print prescription using a wired printer? #

Printing with Wired printer can be tricky. You have to remain close with the phone / tablet to the wired printer. Plus, you will require PrintShare App for printing.

Are there any other training videos for ZIP? #

Yes. You can view them on Youtube at:

Where is the data backed up? #

All Data, except photos, is backed up on our secure servers. All photos that you attach to patient records are backed up on your own Google Drive account.

How much storage space is available for the photo backup? #

The photo backup is done in your own Google Drive account. Google Drive provides 15GB free storage to everyone. So technically, you have that much space to use. Since these photos are sensitive medical information, they will be backed up such that no other app will be able to retrieve them. You also won’t see them using the Google Drive App. They will be available only through the MyOPD Zip app.

What happens if my Google Drive storage is consumed? #

You will have to buy more storage from Google at the rate charged by Google. These payments are directly between you and Google.

How do I pay for MyOPD Zip? #

Why you click the payment option, Google Play will guide you. You can pay using Credit Card / Debit Card or Net Banking options shown by respective platforms.

For clients in India, in case your credit card is not accepted, you can also pay via GPay or Phone Pe app.

Will MyOPD Zip be updated in future? #

MyOPD ZIP is regularly updated since 2017. You will receive updates directly from Google Playstore.

Where can I install the App from? #

You can install it from Google Play. Here is the direct link:

Where should I contact for support? #
  1. Open a support ticket
  2. Or Send a mail to [email protected]
  3. Or contact us over WhatsApp on +91-91683-26023

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