Setting up Holidays for Online Consultation Clinic

We assume that you have already completed the Setup of Online Consultation Clinic Service.

There are instances when certain days have to be marked as unavailable because Doctor can be unavailable for various reasons like:

  • Vacations
  • Doctor Conferences
  • Work load in clinic
  • Sick Days
  • etc

To mark unavailable days, login to your Web Profile page at

Use your registered email address with MyOPD to login. At times, your email address will be set in capital letters. Your registered email address is present in MyOPD Windows version software at: Profile -> My Profile.

Online Consultation Clinic will be visible under the heading Teleconsultation Service.

Tap on Manage Off Days. You will see next days 15 days list. Click on the (+) Symbol on the Right side to make the day as Holiday. To cancel the already marked Holiday, tap the (X) symbol for an already marked Holiday.

Once marked as Holiday, patients will not be able to book teleconsultation appointments for that day. However, patients who have already booked the appointments have to be refunded individually.

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