OPD Improvements:

  • Campaign SMS to all patients
    • MyOPD has reintroduced sending campaign messages to all the patients. However, these campaign messages are only available for approved templates.
    • View more about approved templates at
    • Doctors can now upload campaigns directly to our system using My Campaigns button at the bottom of the patient list.
    • Please note, SMS credits are not deducted from your account instantly after upload. They are deducted after successful processing of the campaign.
    • You can upload campaigns only if you have sufficient credits in your account. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any help regarding this feature.
  • Improvement in Startup Time
    • As Doctors continue to use the software heavily, some Doctors have exceeded more than 50 Thousand visits causing delay in starting time.
    • MyOPD is now optimized to start faster. In certain cases, starting time of MyOPD was very high. This is now fixed.
  • Hide wrong medicine dosages
    • There was currently no way to hide wrong dosages entered in software for a particular medicine. The entire medicine had to marked as not in use. However, there was no way to remove a single wrong dose for that medicine. This release fixes that issue.
      Go to Profile -> My Medicines. Search the medicine. Click Details under Dosage Details. Select the option that you don’t want to be seen in search again for that medicine.
  • List of Patients Visited Today in OPD
    • MyOPD earlier versions had a feature to show list of patients visited today. This feature was later changed to show the visited patients in a separate list using “Advanced Search/Report” option. However, Doctors could not open the patient’s case again from the new form that was introduced.
    • With this release, you can check the Visited Today patients by clicking the View -> Visited Today option. This also allows you to open the patient’s case who have visited today.
  • SMS Upload Summary
    • Welcome messages and Review messages were not shown in SMS Upload Summary. These details are seen in View Details on the Right bottom corner of MyOPD.
    • This release now shows these messages as well so that Doctors get an idea of the messages used towards their credits.
  • Modification of LMP
    • LMP once entered could not be modified in earlier versions. Doctors often need to change this if patient mentions the LMP incorrectly in earlier sitting or for any other reason.
    • This release allows us to change the previously entered LMP for a patient.
  • View Today form Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issues while viewing daily patient count, top medicines in OPD etc.
  • WhatsApp in Nigeria
    • Allow WhatsApp related functionality for Nigeria
  • Bug Fixes

Reception Version Improvements

  • Show Patient Follow-up list at Reception
    • List of patients due for follow-up were not seen at Reception earlier. From this release, reception staff can see patients due for follow-up.
    • This is helpful to remind patients about their upcoming visits by reception staff.
  • Allow New Medicine Name along with composition from Reception
    • Along with medicine name, now composition can also be added from Reception.
    • If the medicine name already exists, adding the same medicine name with composition will update the composition of that medicine.
  • Allow Discount at Reception via configuration setting
    • Doctors can now allow reception staff to give discount directly at reception desk.
    • To enable reception staff to give discounts, open Settings -> Application Settings -> Allow Reception to give Discount

Hospital Version Changes

  • Anesthesia Drug Name on Discharge Summary
    • Drug name used for Anesthesia was not printed on Discharge Summary.
    • It is now included when it is mentioned.
  • Treatment and Nursing Charts
    • Doctors can now add treatments to patient’s case.
    • Nursing staff can print a detailed Nursing chart based on the treatment entered by the Doctor. Nursing charts help nurses to view which medicines are to be administered to the patient and when.
    • Nursing staff can also enter the details of medicine administration to the patient so that they are captured in the software.
    • Treatment and Nursing chart can be printed so that it can be used along with Discharge Summary.
  • Separate IPD Printer Settings
    • Earlier versions shared IPD and OPD printer settings. This caused issue because OPD Prescriptions usually are printed on A5 paper whereas IPD Discharge Summary and other documents are printed on A4 paper.
    • With this release, we have introduced separate settings for IPD documents. As a result, you may have to reconfigure the IPD settings by visiting Settings -> Printer Preferences -> IPD Settings
  • Addition of Middle Name in Word Forms
    • Word forms allowed Doctors to print their own forms with details of patient.
    • Name of the patient now also includes Middle Name.

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