How does automatic Pediatric Dose calculation work?

Pediatric doses are given based on the weight of the child. MyOPD assists Doctors to calculate Dynamic Doses in case of practices like Paediatrics.

Here is how you can use the feature:

Enable Autocalculate Dose Setting

  • Click Settings -> Application Settings
  • At the bottom, in “Other Options”, select “Autocalculate Dose”. Review the message, press OK. Press Done

Enter Dose Details for Medicine(s)

  • To set additional details for Medicine, click Profile -> My Medicines
  • Under “My Medicines” tab in this window, you would see columns – Dose (mg/kg/day), Frequency, Concentration and Range (mg/kg/day)
  • Against the medicine, set each of these items as per the guidelines to administer the medicine. Range (mg/kg/day) is optional parameter. 
  • Range is used to check that the dose does not exceed the limits of prescribed daily minimum or maximum 
  • Once done, click Close

Using Dynamic Dosing

  • Open the Patient’s Visit
  • Enter Weight (kg) for the child
  • While entering Prescription, type the name of medicine in the “Add Medicine” box. Here, if suggestions show up, do not select a pre-existing dose given to someone else. Just select the name of medicine only. 
  • Once you enter just the name, the doses are automatically calculated and added to the row as per the Frequency selected. 
  • Review these doses and set the Duration and Special Conditions for the medicine 

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