Reception Module Access

To access reception version, please follow below steps:

Steps to be followed on your PC (main PC):

  1. Create a Reception account (username / password) using Receptionist Icon shown in the left panel.
  2. Keep the username and password different than your own username and password or that of the assistant Doctor.
  3. Try the working of reception version on your own PC first. To login to reception account, re-open MyOPD Software so that you see the login screen
  4. Now, in the login screen, the reception access URL is mentioned at the end as – http://:8080/MyOPD
  5. Click this URL on your PC and then use the credentials created for reception staff

Steps to be followed on Reception PC:

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser on the Reception PC
  2. Open the same URL from reception PC. Ensure that the Reception PC is connected to the same WiFi as the main PC. You can also bookmark this URL on reception PC to avoid typing all the time
  3. Enter the username and password created in Step 1 of Main PC steps

Please note, for Reception to access the software, the main PC needs to be available in the clinic and ON with at least the MyOPD login screen. Never share your own login credentials with reception staff.

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