MyOPD PC Version 7.8 – 10 July 2023

MyOPD All-In-One App:

MyOPD All-In-One app now allows you to remotely monitor the functioning of your Clinic / Hospital.

  1. View Patients and Latest Visits
  2. View OPD and IPD Income report
    • View OPD and IPD Income collection report in the app
    • View the Income bifurcation like Consultation, Services, Medicines etc
  3. View Admitted and Discharged Patient list
    • View Admitted or Discharged Patient list on a particular date.

OPD Improvements:

  1. Auto templates for multiple Diagnosis
    • Templates for First Diagnosis in the list of Diagnosis were introduced in Release 7.7. Check the quick video of this feature here
    • This release allows auto templates feature for Diagnosis in other Rows as well. 
    • Make sure you review the Investigation / Prescription / Advice etc to ensure there are no duplicates added. When same medicine, advice etc is used in multiple templates for different diagnosis, they will get added to the existing list. Make sure you review the list before saving the visit.
  2. Show appointments in MyOPD All-In-One App
    • In the old MyOPD Desktop Companion app, today and tomorrows appointments were not seen in the companion app.
    • These appointments will be visible in MyOPD All-In-One app
  3. Patient Registration Details Area/Address field
    • While registering a new patient, the address field is renamed as Address / Area
    • This will allow Doctors to capture Area based patient reports when Address is used as Area. This report is now introduced in Advanced Search / Report section.
    • Usually, the entire address of patient is not entered. Only an area is captured say – “Mahatma Nagar” etc. This way, you will be able to use the Area Report effectively to see the patient load from different areas.
  4. Logo and Color Header in PDF
    • PDF Prescription now includes the Clinic Logo.
    • PDF Prescription header now uses the color settings done for Printing Clinic and Doctor names making the PDF aligned towards a clinic printed Rx.
  5. Dynamic Page Size changes while printing
    • Some clients wanted to use different page sizes while printing the Rx depending on the number of medicines in the Rx. If more medicines, then A4 otherwise A5.
    • From this release, we have introduced Dynamic Paper size selection while printing the Rx. This setting will be available to those Doctors who are Saving and Printing the prescription separately. When you Print the Rx, you will see a new setting for Paper size selection in the “What to Print” options.
  6. New Reports in Advanced Search / Report section
    • New reports showing Area of Patient count, Diagnosis count, Vaccinations count and Procedure count are added.
    • These reports can be accessed by selecting the Visit Reports Tab -> Reports option.
    • The count is shown for the selected date options.
  7. Bug Fixes

Reception Section Improvements

  1. Appointments date selection at Reception
    • Reception staff can now see future appointments in addition to today and tomorrow’s appointment.
    • Staff can select the date to see the appointments scheduled on that day.

Hospital Version & Multi-Doctor Version Changes

  1. Final Bill Payment Issue
    • Final Bill Payment issue fixed in case of patient’s advance payment.
  2. Add Logo on IPD Payment Receipts
    • Logo was not printed when IPD Receipts were printed for payments when the patient is admitted.
    • This is fixed now.
  3. Printing Rx from OPD Client could result in infrequent errors 
    • Printing a prescription from IPD Client terminal was causing issues at times.
    • This is fixed.

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