MYOPD PC VERSION RELEASE 7.3 – 9 February 2022

OPD Improvements:

  • Improved Prescription
    • With this version, there is significant paper saving, around 25% while printing prescription.
    • Advice is aligned with Investigations to save the prescription paper.
  • Improved Dashboard
    • The Today Dashboard is improved to give you more insights into your practice.
    • Today Dashboard is seen after logging into the application and clicking the Start button
  • Kannada SMS
    • Kannada language is now added for sending SMS reminders. To send SMS reminders in Kannada language, make sure you have default prescription language set to Kannada.
    • Also check the option Settings -> Application Settings -> Send SMS in Regional Language
    • Once Send SMS in Regional Language is set, SMS go to patients based on the language selected while printing the prescription.
  • Additional Practices
    • Newer practices are added while setting up the new Doctor account.
  • Additional Medicine Type – Lozenges
  • Bug Fixes

Reception Version Improvements

  • Add Date of Payment
    • Capture backdated payment with reception version. When reception staff member enters a payment, date was considered as today’s date. It can now be set by the staff.

Hospital Version Changes

  • Hospital Logo and Hospital Name in color on Discharge Summary & Final Bill
    • Hospital Logo and Hospital Name in color can now be included on Discharge Summary. This is for Doctors who want to print Discharge Summary on Plain paper.
    • The option to print Discharge Summary on the Hospital Letter head is available as before. No changes in that.
  • Today’s date on IPD Bill and Discharge Card
    • Today’s date was always getting printed on IPD Bill and Discharge Card. It is fixed now.
    • This allows re-printing of old Discharge Card and Final Bill without including the date of printing.

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