MYOPD PC VERSION RELEASE 8.2 – 26 April 2024

OPD Improvements:

  1. Manage Polyclinic Medicine Stock at Reception
    • For Doctors using Polyclinic version, medicine stock management with MyOPD worked only on the server PC.
    • The medicines given from other Doctor chambers were not adjusted in the stock.
    • With this release, MyOPD shows Reception staff the medicines issued from other computers. The reception staff can adjust the inventory of medicines accordingly.
  2. Polyclinic Consultants Visit Charges Report
    • This report shows the Visit Charges collected for each consultant visiting a Polyclinic.
    • This report will be available only when Reception staff is accepting the payment for every consultant.
    • The Report is available under Advanced Search / Report -> Accounting & Prescriptions -> Visit Date Report.
    • On the Report, click on Consultant Report tab to see the details.
  3. Allow Setting Time of Visit along with Date of Visit
    • When a new Visit is being captured, MyOPD allows to change the Date of Visit. However, there was no way to set the time of visit.
    • With this release, MyOPD allows to set the time of visit along with the date of visit.
  4. Prescription Printing Change
    • While printing a backdated Prescription, the date on the Rx will now be the date of the visit i.e. the backdated date.
    • Before this release, today’s date used to get printed on the Rx for a back dated prescription.
  5. View only Applicable Chief Complaints and Clinical Findings
    • When certain Chief Complaints and Clinical Findings were marked as Not in Use, they were still shown in the Quick Add section.
    • With this release, only the applicable Chief Complaints and Clinical Findings will be shown.
  6. Increase Online Backup frequency
    • Online backup of MyOPD Software happened every 24 hours.
    • With this release, the backup will happen every 12 hours. This way the possibility of data loss goes down significantly in case of a computer crash.
  7. Show only Applicable Vitals
    • MyOPD currently has the provision to mark certain vitals as Valid or applicable in the OPD.
    • You should only mark those Vitals that you capture as applicable. This can be done from Settings-> OPD Vital Master.
    • With this release, you will only see those vitals that are applicable to your OPD.
  8. Fix Immunization Schedule option
    • Immunization schedule option was not working correctly.
    • This release fixes the report generated to create the Immunization schedule.
  9. Improvements in Medicine Import Functionality
    • This feature is mainly for new Doctors who plan to use Inventory. Use this feature with guidance from MyOPD team.
    • Earlier, only medicine names and Generic composition can be imported using the Import option in My Medicines.
    • With this release, the medicine stock can also be imported along with Batch Number, Medicine Expiry Date, Vendor name etc.
    • The CSV file should be in below format
      • Medicine Name, Generic name, Mcode, Manufacturer(Company Name), Vendor, BatchNo, ExpDate, Qty
  10. Fix Patient Upload Failure to Server
    • Patients being modified were not getting transferred to mobile app.
    • Certain cases which resulted in such behavior are fixed.
  11. Pediatric Auto Dosage calculation with Templates
    • When Templates with Pediatric syrups are used, weight based dosages were not getting applied.
    • With this release, when templates are used, the medicine auto dosage calculation works based on the weight of the child.
  12. Gynec option is hidden for kids less than 9 year old
    • With this release, to remove the unwanted tabs, Gynec tab is not shown for kids less than 9 years old.
  13. Reception Staff Side Changes
    • Show only medicines in Use at Reception Desk.
    • Allow Custom ID field of more than 15 letters.
    • Fix Payment Save flow at Reception. After the payment is saved, close the tab instead of taking the user on the Payment save page again.
    • Quick way to direct Reception staff to support page of MyOPD. MyOPD Support link now added to Reception login page.
  14. Bug Fixes
    • Fix inventory load issue
    • Double click in Other History tables can result in History getting deleted. This is fixed in this release.

IPD Improvements:

  1. Show List of Patients Admitted under Doctor Name
    • When Doctor logs in to MyOPD and choose the IPD section, the Doctor will see a list of patients admitted under him/her.
    • To see patients admitted under Other Doctors, choose the other Doctor name from the newly added Drop Down box showing the list of existing Doctors.
    • With this feature, in a multi-specialty hospital, Doctors can only focus on their admitted patients without the need to search through the list of patients.
  2. Allow a way to see all available Discharge Summary templates
    • Before this release, there was no way to see a list of all available Discharge Summary Templates.
    • With this release, you can view a list of all available templates and modify them if required.
    • To see a list of all templates, click on IPD Templates -> Diagnosis Templates.
    • Click on the Drop down box on top. This box shows the list of all available Discharge Summary templates based on the Diagnosis.
    • This release also fixes a few errors while creating a Discharge Summary.
  3. Introducing Surgery templates
    • Surgery Templates are similar to Discharge Templates.
    • They allow Doctors to store details about the Surgery as a template so that the same can be reused for multiple patients.
    • Surgery template feature is available in the Surgery Tab. When the patient is admitted, you will see a Surgery tab.
    • The templates can be created using the Save Template button and later used by using the Use Template option.
  4. Handle Refund amount during Final Bill
    • If the patient has paid more, a refund is to be initiated.
    • The refund entry was not getting captured correctly at the time of creation of final bill.
    • This is now fixed.
  5. Add “Left Against Medical Advice” LAMA option
    • MyOPD had DAMA option.
    • There was a requirement to allow LAMA option as well. This option is now added.
    • Plus, you can enter any other custom option. This custom option added will not come as suggestion next time for any other patient.
    • However, it will get saved against that patient’s Discharge.
  6. Bug Fixes
    • Load Blood Pressure correctly for the same day OPD visit for IPD Doctors

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