Printing a Referral Letter

There are times when you would have to refer a patient to another Doctor. Referral Letter comes handy at such times.

This guide will train you on how to print a Referral Letter using MyOPD Windows Version.

1. In the Patient’s visit, enter the Height, Weight, Diagnosis and Allergies that you would like to be a part of Referral Letter. The Doctor to whom you refer this patient will find this information handy and also consider you thorough in your work.

2. Move to the References section in the Visit. Enter the name of the Doctor to whom this patient should be referred. Say – Dr. Rane. You can also enter the mobile number of Dr. Rane in the Mobile number section. This mobile number is not given to the patient, however, Dr. Rane will get a automated FREE SMS from your end giving him an advance notice that you are sending a patient under their care.

3. Now click the Print icon in the References section. See the image below. The Print icon is shown with Orange Arrow. On doing this, you will see the “Referral Letter Details” form.


4. In the Referral Details Form, most of the details will be filled already.

Printing Address of Referred Doctor on the Referral Letter and its importance:
In the need of hour, it is always better that you give exact details of the address and timings of Referred Doctor directly to the patient to help him in such time of emergency.

With MyOPD Software, you can do so.

5. Click the “Address” option pointed by Blue Arrow. Enter the clinic details of Dr. Rane for e.g. to whom this patient is referred.

Once all the details are fed, you can print a perfect referral letter as shown below.


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