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What do I get in Free Forever Plan? #

Forever Free Plan allows Doctors to use the application with certain features free, forever. Free Forever plan is available only to those users who have signed up while using MyOPD ZIP.

First, make sure you are using the updated version of MyOPD ZIP Android app by clicking the button below.

Download / Update MyOPD ZIP Android App from Google Playstore

Here are 3 important points to remember

  1. Users who have skipped the signup process cannot use Free Forever plan.
  2. Users who have signed up using email ID and not paid or have not crossed 5 patients are under Free Trial.
  3. Users who have signed up and have subscribed can still be under FREE Trial period of respective plans. This will be displayed while subscribing to the respective plan.

So Free Trial is below table is applicable for point # 2 & 3.

Now let’s compare features of Free Forever Plan with Free Trial or Paid Plan.

FeaturesFree Forever PlanFREE TRIAL / Paid Plan
Unlimited PatientsYESYES
Print Patient PrescriptionYESYES
Share Patient PrescriptionYESYES
Print Medical CertificateYESYES
Print Referral LetterYESYES
Print Fitness CertificateYESYES
MyOPD Branding on RxYESNO
View Previous Visits for PatientONLY LAST VISITAll Previous Visits
Patient PaymentsNOYES
Patient Profile Photos NOYES
Patient Documents (X-Rays, Reports)NOYES
Use on multiple devices
(Android Phone / Android Tablet / Google Chromebook)
Change of deviceNOYES
Plan Comparisons

Download MyOPD ZIP for Android

Download MyOPD ZIP Android App

What is the difference between Free Trial and Free Forever plan? #

  • When you install the app for the first time, you are under Free Trial. All features of Doctor only version are available to you.
  • After a certain usage, you have to decide if you want to buy a paid plan.
  • If you don’t buy paid plan beyond a certain usage, your account will change to Free Forever plan. You will see messages within the application restricting the use of certain features.
  • If you subscribe for any paid plan, your account will again get the Paid plan benefits as per your subscription.
  • If you discontinue subscription, your account will again move to Free Forever plan.

Here are 5 benefits you can extract from the Free Forever plan

What benefits will I get after changing from Free Forever plan to Paid plan? #

Here are the 5 most important benefits:

  1. MyOPD Branding will be removed from prescription
  2. All your previously recorded patient data in Free Forever plan will be visible. You won’t be restricted to viewing only the latest visit.
  3. View all previously recorded Patient Medical Certificates, Fitness Certificates, Referral Letters.
  4. Use application on multiple Android devices.
  5. Seamlessly change device. Old data is automatically restored on new device. Paid plan is required while changing your device for seamless data restore on new device.

Download MyOPD ZIP for Android #

Download MyOPD ZIP Android App

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