Using MyOPD ZIP without Login

MyOPD ZIP Android app allows Doctors to try MyOPD ZIP app functionality without using Google Account.

We henceforth refer to this mode of use as Non-Login Mode.

Login vs Non-Login Mode:

  1. When using the app with Non-Login Mode, your data will not be saved permanently. All data generated using non-login mode will be deleted when you subscribe to the app and start using it in regular practice. Whereas, when you use the app trial via Login mode, you can reuse your medicines, complaints, patient names, investigations, templates, documents, photos and everything else that was created during evaluation.
  2. Multi-device mode cannot be used while in Non-Login Mode. So if you plan to use the app on phone and see the data getting synced to Tablet or another Android phone, use Login mode.
  3. Document backup feature cannot be used in Non-Login Mode. All the Documents i.e. Patient Profile photos, PDF reports etc attached in the Document section won’t be backed up.
  4. Reception version cannot be evaluated in Non-Login Mode.

Please read the important terms and conditions of using MyOPD ZIP app without login.


  1. You are a registered Medical Practitioner.
  2. You will use MyOPD ZIP app strictly for evaluation purpose.
  3. You will not handout prescriptions, printed or shared, as PDF or as screenshots, via apps or email or any other forms, to your patients or anyone with evaluation copy under Non-Login mode.
  4. Team MyOPD may contact you for feedback on your Phone number via Call / SMS / WhatsApp.
  5. You will not misuse the functionality in anyway and follow the medical guidelines of your country as applicable.
  6. You will not hold Team MyOPD responsible for any error – technical or any other error or any self induced mistake while using MyOPD ZIP app.

How to Subscribe after evaluation in Non-Login Mode?

  1. Tap on Get Premium.
  2. Complete the purchase of the applicable plan.
  3. After completion of the purchase, uninstall the app. At this point, all the data entered during trial will be deleted. Please note, it cannot be recovered.
  4. Reinstall MyOPD ZIP app from Google Playstore by clicking
  5. Now login with your Google account and start using the app.
  6. PLEASE NOTE: After subscription, you have to start using the app under login mode only. There is no provision to continue using the app in Non-Login mode with subscription.

Data collected in Non-Login Mode

  1. Your mobile number.
  2. Your profile details.

Whom to contact for Support?

Drop a mail to [email protected] or contact us via WhatsApp.

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