MyOPD PC Version 7.9 – 7th September 2023

What’s New in 7.9 Version?


  1. Prescription Changes
    • Font change while printing Generic Name: With the new guidelines for printing generic names, we have now made changes to the font size while printing generic name. This helps in differentiation between the trade name and generic name when both are printed on Rx. While some Doctors have commented on the Facebook preview to print the Generic name just below the Trade name; we have noted that suggestion.
    • Print Payment details on Prescription: While printing the Rx from Doctor’s end, there is a choice to include Payment information directly on Rx. Current Charged amount and Paid amount will be printed on the Rx. To enable this feature, open Settings -> Printer Preferences and Select Print Payment Details
    • Add Continue till next checkup to Rx: When medicine duration is left empty, some Doctors wanted a way to automatically have ‘Continue till next checkup’ printed against the medicine name. This is now possible. To enable this feature, open Settings -> Printer Preferences and Select Print Continue till next Checkup
  2. Ring Bell to call Next Patient:
    • Switch to Queue Mode. You will see the Bell icon next to the Queue option. When you want to call the next patient, just click the Bell icon. Reception will hear a sound to send the next patient. 
    • Make sure you ask the Reception staff to click the Bell icon once on their page after logging in to start listening to this sound. 
    • The ring bell feature is currently added only on the Server PC. Multi-Doctor version does not have it yet.
    • Reception staff using phone or Tablet to make entries from reception will hear the sound only when the browser to make entries is in focus. If the Reception staff has minimized the browser or working in other app, the browser will not be in focus and sound cannot be heard.
  3. Inventory Improvements
    • Inventory adjustment fixes: In certain cases when medicine was given twice with varying doses, the medicine inventory adjustment was incorrect. It is fixed now.
    • Auto-calculation of charges at Reception Desk: Based on the medicine entered, the charges are now automatically calculated at Reception when the quantity is entered. Earlier, the reception staff would have to check the rates and do the calculation themselves.
    • Incorrect charges when less medicines taken: When medicines taken by patient at Reception were less than the medicines entered quantity entered by Doctor, the medicine amount calculation was wrong. It is handled correctly now.
  4. Template Delete Feature
    • Deletion of templates for Diagnosis, Advice, Investigation was not possible when Diagnosis was not set for the template. This is now fixed. Any template, with or without Diagnosis can be deleted.
  5. Print Rx from Reception
    • There was no way to print Rx from Reception end. From this version, we have introduced a new option to print the Rx directly from Reception.
    • To use this option a new setting is introduced. Enable it by clicking Settings -> Printer Preferences and Select Allow Reception to Print Prescription
      • Please Note:
        • This setting will currently not work for Multi-Doctor OPD. Also, Doctors enabling this setting may experience slight delay while saving the visit. So, if you don’t need this setting, do not turn it on.
        • Reception staff will be able to print the latest available Rx of the patient saved from Server PC by the Doctor.
  6. Save PDF Changes
    • The PDF file name that gets saved will not include name of the temporary generated file at the bottom.
  7. Export Data Changes
    • When Data is exported using Export button at the bottom of list of patients, it contained only Name, Phone number and Gender. From this release, it will include other details like Age, Address, etc.
    • Please use this feature with extreme caution as you can export the patient data to Excel file on your disk. This file can be accessed without any password protection.
  8. All In one App related Changes
    • Patient updated by Reception did not get reflected in All In One app. This is fixed. Patients updated post this release from Reception end will be available in All In One app.
    • OPD Total collection reflected in All In One app was incorrect. This is fixed.
  9. Bug Fixes
    • Flickering view in case of long medicine list while adding medicines is fixed.
    • In rare cases, EDD calculation based on LMP is off by 4-5 days. This is fixed.
    • When Medicines are added using Previous Rx button, Unit option was not set correctly.
    • Tab Indentation while adding a new patient is fixed.

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