Read this before using MyOPD ZIP on multiple devices

MyOPD ZIP app for Doctors enables Doctors to function on multiple Android devices at the same time. Please note that using MyOPD ZIP on multiple devices is currently possible only when all the devices are Android.

So Doctors can have one or more Android phones and / or Android tablets on which the app can be used.

Configuring Multi-Device Sync #

Before starting to use on multiple devices, make sure the Multi-Device Sync is enabled. Follow below steps to enable it:

  1. Open MyOPD ZIP app on the device where you are using it regularly.
  2. Uninstall the app from any other device if you have it installed already.
  3. Tap Menu (3 horizontal lines at top left corner)
  4. From the Menu options, select Multi-Device Sync option. If you don’t see the option immediately, scroll down to see the option.
  5. Tap on the Multi-Device Sync option.
  6. Wait till you see a message showing Multi-Device Sync is completed.
  7. Now you can install the app on the new device.
  8. Make sure you login to the app using the same email address used on your 1st device. You will see this email address in the Menu section at the top.

Frequently asked questions about Multi-Device sync #

How frequently is the data synced between the devices? #

Data is synced differently based on the plan you choose.

If you choose Doctor only plan then data is synced every 15 minutes. You can expect the sync to happen every 15 – 30 minutes with this plan.

If you choose Reception Staff and Patient Online Appointments plan then the data is synced every 1 minute. A faster sync is available when you choose this plan.

Are photos and Documents synced between devices? #

Currently, photos and Documents are synced only between the Doctor’s own devices. So if Doctor is using a mobile and tablet, the photos and Documents attached to patients case will be available on both the devices.

Photos are not currently synced to and from the Reception staff device.

What all other details are sycned? #

Everything that you type and enter in the app is synced to the other Doctor device. This is because, it may happen that the Doctor has seen the patient using one device, say a tablet in the clinic and expects the information to be available on the phone that is available with Doctor when present out of the clinic.

This way, we ensure that the information is available handy to the Doctor on any device that Doctor has the same Google Account on.

Can I use MyOPD ZIP on Android and iOS at the same time? #

No. MyOPD ZIP cannot be used on Android and iOS at the same time. The app is not compatible across the OS. In its current state, the Android app has more features than the iOS app.

Like Android, is multi-device sync available on iOS? #

No. iOS app is basic and only provides prescription printing feature. There is not multi-device sync facility in iOS version.

Check if you are using the latest version of the app by tapping the Google Play button below.

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