Adding Clinic Specific Printer Settings

If you are using MyOPD ZIP and are having multiple clinics, you may want to set clinic specific printer settings.

This is required if

  • You have to set different paper size different clinics
  • You are using a printer letter head in one clinic and plain paper in another
  • and change other parameters across the clinics.

Follow below steps to set clinic specific settings:

  1. Open Menu (3 horizontal lines in top left corner)
  2. Select the clinic from the drop down below the Name and Email ID
  3. This is the selected clinic whose settings will be applicable during printing or while changing the printer settings.
  4. Navigate to the printer settings by tapping Account Settings -> Printer Settings
  5. You will see the Clinic name at the top. This is the same clinic that is selected in the drop down menu.
  6. Any changes made to the settings will be saved against this clinic.
  7. To save settings for another clinic, simply change the clinic from drop down menu and make the changes.

While printing, the settings of the clinic selected in the drop down menu will be applicable.

Please note, for now, the logo and signature image options are not clinic specific. So the same logo and signature will be applicable across all clinics.

Make sure you are using the latest version of the MyOPD ZIP app. Download it from Google Playstore using the link

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