Provisional Hospital Bill and its use

Many times, patients demand a Hospital Bill in the middle of treatment to get an idea of the expense on the treatment till that time. Such a bill given by Hospital is known as Provisional Hospital Bill.

Reasons to give a Provisional Hospital Bill

  1. Patient’s demand: The patients can demand a Provisional Hospital Bill midway during the stay to understand the charges incurred so far on the treatment.
  2. Transparency in Billing: Giving a provisional bill when required by the patient brings about a transparency in the Hospital operations. Patients know exactly what they are being charged for on a day to day basis.
  3. Hospital billing process: Certain Hospital follow billing process where they present the patients with a Provisional Bill everyday to proactively give patients an idea of the treatments done till date.

How does a Provisional Bill Look?

Provisional Hospital Bill

Provisional Hospital Bill looks very similar to a Final Hospital Bill. However, there are some important points to be noted.

  1. Provisional Hospital Bill has a heading as Provisional Bill clearly mentioning that this Bill is a temporary bill and not Final.
  2. Most of the times the patient is still admitted. So Discharge Date is not available on the bill.
  3. Items in Provisional Bill are temporary and Subject to change based on revision by Hospital if required. The Hospital Staff can print a sample bill and get it reviewed from seniors before making it final.


Provisional Hospital Bill is an important document that a Hospital can offer to their patients as required. Having a software that allows Hospitals to print a Provisional Bill is certainly required by Hospitals. MyOPD Hospital Software allows Hospitals to print a Provisional Hospital Bill.

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