World Tuberculosis Day

Doctors have to report patients with certain Diagnosis like Tuberculosis to Government authorities. MyOPD #clinicsoftware helps Doctors to quickly search patients by particular Diagnosis for such quick reporting.

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When is the best time to start using clinic management software?

Clinic Management Software best month to get started

Is there such a thing as a best month to start using an EMR or a clinic management software?

Our analysis shows that March is the best month to get started with using clinic software.

Here are 3 reasons why we think March is the best month to start using Clinic Software in your practice.

Reason # 1: Using a new technology when clinic load is less

Traditionally, the Summer months are the months in which people are less sick. As a result, the load in the clinics is less during the months of Summer. In India, the Summer typically starts from March and goes on till mid June. So using this criteria, we could select any of these months, say March, April, May or June to get started. Then why March is still the best?

Reason # 2: Learning time window

When you purchase the clinic software in March, you and your team gets a good 2 months on the software with less loaded clinic. It helps a lot as the team in clinic gets familiar with various features of the software with the help of training and support from the vendor. May and June do not offer that opportunity as there is a rise in patient numbers once the rainy season starts in June. April is still in the race, however, it falls out on the next selection criteria.

Reason # 3: Accounting Year

In India, the financial year starts from April and ends in March. Clinics and Hospitals need to know the counts of patients or billing details during the financial year period. Starting in March allows you to start capturing data from April. If you start in April or May, you may lose the initial set of data which need to be a part of the report.

The same logic of getting started with a clinic software is also applicable for Hospital Software.

Finally, if you are not reading this in March, don’t wait for the next March to come.

Remember the proverb: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.

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Dr. Himmatrao Bawaskar Padmashri

We are so excited to know that Dr. Himmatrao Bawaskar, a client of MyOPD Software has been conferred Padmashri award by the Government of India.

Dr. Bawaskar signing his book while handing over to Team MyOPD

Our team had a chance to meet the great man at his hospital. Here is an article we wrote about him during our visit to his hospital

The entire Team of MyOPD Software wishes Dr. Bawaskar the very best for the future!

Clinic Software Pricing in USD

MyOPD’s Clinic Software for Doctors includes EMR, Billing and so on.

Here are the different plans we have for Clinic Software.

Subscription Plan

  • Subscription plan allows you to start using the Clinic software with less initial investment and an yearly charge.

Subscription Plan Rates

Subscription Plan OptionsPer Year Pricing
MyOPD Doctor plus Reception Version USD 80
Prices inclusive of all taxes
  • With Subscription plan, you get all the benefits of the software at a reduced yearly charge.
  • Yearly payment is necessary to keep using the software.

One-Time with Optional Yearly AMC

  • With One-Time plans, the software keeps working without any yearly charge. First year Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) is covered in the cost.
  • Yearly payment after the first year is only required if you are interested in AMC. AMC is required if you want software updates, support, MyOPD Desktop Companion Android App, SMS Services and Cloud Backup
  • So the basic difference between One-Time and Subscription plan is that OPD version works for lifetime with the One-Time Plan. Read more about the comparisons at

One-Time with Optional Yearly AMC Rates

One-Time Plan OptionsFirst Year PriceOptional AMC from Next Year
MyOPD Doctor plus Reception Version USD 219USD 70/year
Prices inclusive of all taxes

Get in touch with us today to understand what will work best for you. Be assured that we will suggest you an option that will work the best for you. In case our solution does not fit your requirements, we will tell you so.

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MyOPD Clinic and Hospital Software – Year 2021 in Review

2021 – Year in Review

Here we present important changes done in MyOPD Software over the course of the year. There are many more improvements than these, however, these are the most important ones. Surely take a look!

Improvements in Clinic Software – OPD Portion of Software

  • Doctor’s software
    • Patient Consent Forms (OPD + IPD): Doctors can now design Consent forms in Microsoft Word and add patient details to the forms with a click of a button. Consent forms are especially useful during Daycare OPD Procedures or certain important examinations. Read more about consent forms at:
    • Covid 19 Certificate Generation: MyOPD now allows Doctors to give Covid-19 certificate to patients. This additional option is present under the regular Medical Certificate option.
    • Referral Return Note: Like a referral note which Doctors write to refer a patient to another Doctor, the Thank you note allows Doctors to send a Thank you to the referring Doctor. Doctor can communicate about the status of the referred patient to the referring Doctor. Doctors can give this note to the Patient who takes it back to the referring Doctor.
    • Lab Requisition Note: Lab requisition note allows Doctors to specifically print the investigations such as Lab / X-Ray / Ultrasound to be done along with the laboratory name and address. This allows patients to locate the lab easily and specifically handover the lab requisition note to the Lab without handing over the Prescription.
    • On Demand Online Backup: Earlier versions of MyOPD backed up data only after a 24 hour interval. This caused issues when Doctors had to urgently change PCs or their hardware engineers wanted to do format. Now, Doctors can take an online backup of data at any time, whenever they want, at a click of a button increasing the frequency of backups.
    • Patient Name Titles: Allow Patient name titles like Mr / Mrs / Miss / Mast and print them on Rx.
    • Print Charts on Rx: Patient’s charts for Blood Pressure, HBA1C, BSL, Sr. Creatinine etc based on latest values entered in the software can be printed on Rx. This helps patients to stick to the medicines once they know that the condition is in control based on the medicines given. See sample prescription at
    • Campaign SMS for Patients: Campaign SMS for patients are back. Doctors can use these SMS to notify patients about – Availability / Non-availability of Doctor, Change in address of clinic, Change in timings of clinic etc. Read more about the current status of SMS sent via MyOPD
    • Online Payments and Teleconsultation Booking Feature: Doctors can now accept payments from their patients by sharing a payment link with them. Patients pay using Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking. Patients can also book teleconsultation appointments with Doctors.
    • Improved Medicine Inventory & Reporting of medicines used: Better reports generated for used medicines.
  • Reception Version Improvements
    • Add scanned Documents from Reception: Documents like X-Rays, Reports can now be scanned and added directly from the Reception so that the time of Doctor is saved. Doctors can just review them once the patient is with them. Read more at
    • Capture Payment Methods: Reception staff can now capture payment methods like UPI / Debit Card / Credit Card. The same is reflected in the improved reporting of Income and  Expenses in the software.
    • Print Token Number on Visit Paper: Patient’s number in Queue can now be printed on the Visit paper. This helps to identify the patient when the Reception staff calls out the number for next patient.
    • Online Payment from Reception: Patients can pay using Debit Card / Credit Card etc by receiving a payment link. Reception can ask the patient to pay using the received link on mobile phone.

Improvements in Hospital Software – IPD Portion of Software

  • IPD Section improvements
    • Access Control: Allow / Disallow certain features in the product to your staff based on the login.
    • Daily Income Report: Allows Doctors to view OPD Consultation Charges, OPD Procedure / Service Charges, Laboratory Charges, Total OPD Collection with Discount, Total IPD Collection with Discount under one report for the entire day.
    • Custom IPD Admission Numbering system: Allows you to define your own Admission number for a patient. Choice from predefined formats given. So the admission number could be something like 2021/04/GNY/001
    • Backdated entry of Admission of patient & discharge: Entry of patient admitted on an old date and discharged on an old date can be done. The bill will be generated correctly based on the old date of admission and discharge. This helps cases which are not entered during busy schedule.
    • Mark Daily Billed Services: Certain services which are marked for daily billing get automatically billed for the number of days the patient is admitted. No need to enter them repeatedly every day. Saves a lot of time during the final bill generation of hospital.
    • Enter frequency of Services: Things like Units of O2 consumed, Number of time Nebulization was given can be added along with service. The bill gets calculated based on the number of times service was provided.
    • Daily Bed Allocation Report improvements: Allows to view the Daily bed allocation and the consultant against whom the patient is admitted.
    • Variable Bed Charges: In case your Bed charges are not fixed, the staff can enter the bed charges at the time of billing. 

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E-prescription – 4 ways to create one quickly using MyOPD Software

Creating an E Prescription quickly is one of the most important functionalities of any clinic management software. In this article, we will see how Doctors can save time while creating an E Prescription using MyOPD Clinic Management Software.

1. Reuse Previous Doses

When a medicine is prescribed, over a period of time, there are set doses using which it can be issued. Like BD, TDS and so on. When you start using MyOPD Software, MyOPD remembers your previous doses for the medicine. You can simply reuse the medicine along with its entire dose to avoid re-entering it all over again.

Below figure explains this technique:

2. Copy Previous Rx

Copy Previous Rx method is especially useful in case of Chronic Patients. In such cases, the entire Rx from previous visit has to be repeated with minor modifications. MyOPD Software allows to repeat the previous visit Rx in one click. Doctors can then make certain changes like

  • Deleting a medicine that is no more required
  • Replacing a medicine that doesn’t suit with another one
  • Adding more medicines to the list of already existing medicines

Below figure explains this technique:

3. Medicine Templates

At times, certain medical conditions / Diagnosis have fixed treatment plans. MyOPD allows Doctors to define medicine templates linked with Diagnosis so that they can be used to enter quickly. This allows entry of entire medicine list, which may contain say 5 or 10 medicines, in a couple of clicks. This saves immense time because the medicines need not be entered one after the another, one by one.

Below figure explains this technique:

4. Selectively use previous medicines from past Rx

At times, there is a case where Doctors have to repeat selectively medicines given in the past visits. MyOPD allows Doctors to view all such medicines in one view and select them as required.

The entire medicine along with its dose is copied so that the Doctor does not have to keep entering it all over again.

Below figure explains this technique:

How long does it take to create an E-Prescription?

Now that we know all the techniques used by the Doctors while operating MyOPD Clinic Software, how long does it really take to create a single E Prescription?

There is an initial effort involved. In the initial stage, when the medicine list is not setup up and the doses are not added, the time taken will be more.

For a Doctor who has added all medicines and medicine doses in the software, it takes roughly 3.5 minutes to create an entire prescription. It is that simple.

Watch this video explaining the benefits using a single prescription

E-Prescription based Clinic Management System

To understand in detail each and every section of E-Prescription shown in the above video, read Clinic Management System – 5 Advantages explained with a single prescription!

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Types of SMS for Patients using MyOPD Clinic Management Software

Automated SMS Reminders for Patients with MyOPD Clinic Management Software

Everyday MyOPD Messaging platform processes thousands of messages of various Doctors which are sent to their respective patients at the right time in the supported language in addition to English.

In this article we are going to understand the types of SMS that can be sent using MyOPD Windows Version Software. Reading this article will give you an overall idea of the messages that are sent and how they will benefit in your practice.

All these SMS options are configurable and you can choose to which ones you want to send and which ones you don’t.

Welcome SMS

When the patient is registered in the clinic for the first time, a welcome SMS is sent. Welcome SMS project a tech savvy image of the clinic giving patients the confidence that their case is handled by the clinic with the help of a computerized system.

Follow-up reminder SMS

Some patients require follow-up consultation. It is a well known fact that patients tend to forget the date of follow-up told to them by their Doctor.

Follow-ups can be requested by Doctors for multiple reasons:

  • Follow-up check-up in case of chronically ill patients requiring regular check-ups
  • 6 monthly of Yearly check-ups wherever applicable
  • Follow-ups for Vaccination
  • Follow-ups for Ultrasound reminders in case of pregnant women
  • Appointment reminder SMS for a scheduled appointment
  • Follow-ups after a recent Discharge from the Hospital

A reminder to the patient in advance helps patient to stick to the recommended follow-up routine as suggested by the Doctor.

Appointment Booking SMS

Appointment booking SMS are sent when the appointment for the patient is booked. These SMS help patients to commute in case of lockdowns so that they can show the SMS to officers on duty and thereby arrive at the Doctor’s clinic.

Clinic Review SMS

Doctors can request reviews from patients by sending review SMS. Reviews help Doctors build a good online presence as many new patients these days check clinic reviews on Google and other platforms before visiting the Doctor. MyOPD allows you to enter the review link for any platform which you prefer.

Important Announcements

Many a times there are important announcements to be made to the patients.
For Example:

  • Doctor Available in the Clinic on certain dates
  • Doctor not available in the clinic on certain dates
  • Doctor available in a certain city on certain dates
  • Clinic Timing updates
  • Clinic Address changed
  • and so on…

Such messages if relayed in time help the patients to get the right information at right time thereby helping them to get better service.

Are non English SMS really required?

Patients who do not understand English will get the right message if the SMS was delivered in the language that they understand best. So if you stay in a region where patients understand a different language, you can set that language as the default language for SMS. Please check with our team if the language is supported for SMS. MyOPD smartly identifies the best language for patient and sends SMS in English or regional language as required. So you could have a case where 2 patients get the SMS in two different languages. You don’t have to worry about it.

Will SMS be delivered to DND numbers?

Except Announcement Messages which are bulk SMS in nature, all other SMS will be delivered to DND numbers as well.

Which countries is this facility available in?

SMS facility is currently available only in India. We are working to add more countries to the list of available countries for SMS.

Why aren’t the SMS given for free?

SMS gateway charges MyOPD Software for sending SMS. We pass on the charges to the Doctor. Not all Doctors may want to use the SMS. Hence, we do not include that in the cost of our product, its subscription or the AMC. Doctors who are interested in SMS can purchase them separately based on their need.

MyOPD also allows Doctors to use the phone numbers to send Important Announcement SMS – explained above, using their choice of SMS gateway so that they can directly purchase SMS from their vendor. Talk to our team to know more about this.

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Introducing Patient Consent Forms for Medical Clinics

Gone are the days when consent forms were just a part of a Hospital Setup. Today’s modern medical clinics conduct examinations, Day care procedures on patients. Often the clinics need to document consent of patient for examination or a procedure.

MyOPD Clinic Management Software now allows Doctors to easily use Consent forms.

Doctors often face 3 major problems when it comes to consent forms:

  1. Creating / Designing a consent form
  2. Adding patient details like Name, Age, Address, Date of birth etc to the consent form without the need to enter the data of each and every patient
  3. Storing the form for future reference

MyOPD Clinic Management Software solves all these in a jiffy. We will see how each of these work.

1. Creating / Designing a Consent Form

MyOPD allows the flexibility to design your consent form in Microsoft Word and save it as a Word Document. Once this document is designed and created, you can import this document into MyOPD Software.

While designing this document, make sure you use Tags which will eventually get replaced by real patient data. Here is the list of tags we support as of writing this article.

Consent Form Supported Tags
Consent Form Supported Tags

Some of the Tags are applicable for MyOPD Beds Hospital Software product.

Simply use the Copy option against the tag and paste it in the Consent Form Word Document Template.

2. Filling Patient Details in the Consent Form

Once this document is imported into the MyOPD Software, use the document against a selected patient. At a click of a button, all the details related to the selected patient will get replaced in the Word Template Document of Consent Form. You now have a consent form created with details of the specific patient. Review it, make changes and print. That’s it!

3. Storing the Consent Form for future reference

Once the consent form is printed and signed by the patient, scan it with the help of MyOPD Desktop Companion Android app or with the help of a scanner. Transfer this scanned document to the Software so that it is available for future reference.

That’s it! You are all set to practice in an entirely new modern way with the help of consent forms.

Consent Form feature is current available in our Windows version product line. Feel free to download the free trial by visiting our home page

Clinic Management System – 5 Advantages explained with a single prescription!

We have already seen “What is a Clinic Management System?”

Many Doctors prefer to writing a prescription vs using software. However, there are clear advantages that you gain over time and keep once you master using the software. In this article we explain the 5 advantages of using Clinic Management System with the help of a simple prescription printed using MyOPD.

Advantage #1: Patient details and Address

How many times is the Doctor required to ask the age of the patient, when the patient revisits? Just once while registering the patient. Then, the software automatically shows the current age no matter the patient visits after 1 years or 5 years.

See the image below.

Today’s date, Patient Name, ID, Current Age are all filled up.
  • Date and Time is auto filled
  • Patient Name, Age, Gender, Phone Number is all automatically filled up on the Rx. Software calculates the current age and prints that no matter when the patient visits.
  • Address of the patient once set is included on Rx for accurate patient identification.
  • In addition, MyOPD also allows printing of patient photo on Rx in case you want to do so.

Advantage #2: Fast Medicine Entry

Cleary write medicine name along with generic composition if required. With options to repeat the who Rx in a few clicks, software driven medicine entry will easily beat hand written medicine entry on prescription.

Advantage #3: Use of Investigation Templates

Group various investigations in templates like Diabetic Profile, Kidney Profile and so on…

For example, let’s say Doctor wants to add following tests as Diabetic Profile

  • BSL Fasting and PP
  • HBA1C
  • Lipid Profile
  • Sr. Creatinine

With one click, Doctor can include all these on the Rx for the patient. MyOPD further also allows to print the trend chart of the values of these on the Rx for better patient compliance to the treatment.

Advantage #4: Never forget an instruction / advice

Every prescription always contains dos and don’ts for the patient. These advices are usually included in the advice section. When there are 10 such things to be told to the patient, imagine writing them every time for every patient. It is such a monotonous task. With MyOPD you can simply include them all in one go using advice templates.

Advantage #5: Systematic Practice one prescription at a time

Discipline is a the key in every facet of life. In addition to allowing Doctors to print Charts & barcodes on Prescription, allowing to print Prescription in multiple languages and make the prescription as informative for the patient, a software driven way instills discipline.

If a follow-up is required, the follow-up date is clearly specified on the Rx. Patient can also get an automated SMS reminder. Helps Doctors to take the service to the next level.

This discipline goes a long way in helping Doctors practice better and manage a clinic with the help of software and handle other aspects of clinic like Billing, Reviews, SMS reminders and so on.

By creating one prescription at a time in MyOPD, Doctors using MyOPD Clinic Management System have created thousands and thousands of Prescriptions.

With that we conclude this article. If you haven’t already tried using a Clinic Management System, download free trial of MyOPD Software.

Like learning any new technology, the start may be slow, however, once you are ready, you will be ready to fly!