E-prescription – 4 ways to create one quickly using MyOPD Software

Creating an E Prescription quickly is one of the most important functionalities of any clinic management software. In this article, we will see how Doctors can save time while creating an E Prescription using MyOPD Clinic Management Software.

1. Reuse Previous Doses

When a medicine is prescribed, over a period of time, there are set doses using which it can be issued. Like BD, TDS and so on. When you start using MyOPD Software, MyOPD remembers your previous doses for the medicine. You can simply reuse the medicine along with its entire dose to avoid re-entering it all over again.

Below figure explains this technique:

2. Copy Previous Rx

Copy Previous Rx method is especially useful in case of Chronic Patients. In such cases, the entire Rx from previous visit has to be repeated with minor modifications. MyOPD Software allows to repeat the previous visit Rx in one click. Doctors can then make certain changes like

  • Deleting a medicine that is no more required
  • Replacing a medicine that doesn’t suit with another one
  • Adding more medicines to the list of already existing medicines

Below figure explains this technique:

3. Medicine Templates

At times, certain medical conditions / Diagnosis have fixed treatment plans. MyOPD allows Doctors to define medicine templates linked with Diagnosis so that they can be used to enter quickly. This allows entry of entire medicine list, which may contain say 5 or 10 medicines, in a couple of clicks. This saves immense time because the medicines need not be entered one after the another, one by one.

Below figure explains this technique:

4. Selectively use previous medicines from past Rx

At times, there is a case where Doctors have to repeat selectively medicines given in the past visits. MyOPD allows Doctors to view all such medicines in one view and select them as required.

The entire medicine along with its dose is copied so that the Doctor does not have to keep entering it all over again.

Below figure explains this technique:

How long does it take to create an E-Prescription?

Now that we know all the techniques used by the Doctors while operating MyOPD Clinic Software, how long does it really take to create a single E Prescription?

There is an initial effort involved. In the initial stage, when the medicine list is not setup up and the doses are not added, the time taken will be more.

For a Doctor who has added all medicines and medicine doses in the software, it takes roughly 3.5 minutes to create an entire prescription. It is that simple.

Watch this video explaining the benefits using a single prescription

E-Prescription based Clinic Management System

To understand in detail each and every section of E-Prescription shown in the above video, read Clinic Management System – 5 Advantages explained with a single prescription!

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Types of SMS for Patients using MyOPD Clinic Management Software

Automated SMS Reminders for Patients with MyOPD Clinic Management Software

Everyday MyOPD Messaging platform processes thousands of messages of various Doctors which are sent to their respective patients at the right time in the supported language in addition to English.

In this article we are going to understand the types of SMS that can be sent using MyOPD Windows Version Software. Reading this article will give you an overall idea of the messages that are sent and how they will benefit in your practice.

All these SMS options are configurable and you can choose to which ones you want to send and which ones you don’t.

Welcome SMS

When the patient is registered in the clinic for the first time, a welcome SMS is sent. Welcome SMS project a tech savvy image of the clinic giving patients the confidence that their case is handled by the clinic with the help of a computerized system.

Follow-up reminder SMS

Some patients require follow-up consultation. It is a well known fact that patients tend to forget the date of follow-up told to them by their Doctor.

Follow-ups can be requested by Doctors for multiple reasons:

  • Follow-up check-up in case of chronically ill patients requiring regular check-ups
  • 6 monthly of Yearly check-ups wherever applicable
  • Follow-ups for Vaccination
  • Follow-ups for Ultrasound reminders in case of pregnant women
  • Appointment reminder SMS for a scheduled appointment
  • Follow-ups after a recent Discharge from the Hospital

A reminder to the patient in advance helps patient to stick to the recommended follow-up routine as suggested by the Doctor.

Appointment Booking SMS

Appointment booking SMS are sent when the appointment for the patient is booked. These SMS help patients to commute in case of lockdowns so that they can show the SMS to officers on duty and thereby arrive at the Doctor’s clinic.

Clinic Review SMS

Doctors can request reviews from patients by sending review SMS. Reviews help Doctors build a good online presence as many new patients these days check clinic reviews on Google and other platforms before visiting the Doctor. MyOPD allows you to enter the review link for any platform which you prefer.

Important Announcements

Many a times there are important announcements to be made to the patients.
For Example:

  • Doctor Available in the Clinic on certain dates
  • Doctor not available in the clinic on certain dates
  • Doctor available in a certain city on certain dates
  • Clinic Timing updates
  • Clinic Address changed
  • and so on…

Such messages if relayed in time help the patients to get the right information at right time thereby helping them to get better service.

Are non English SMS really required?

Patients who do not understand English will get the right message if the SMS was delivered in the language that they understand best. So if you stay in a region where patients understand a different language, you can set that language as the default language for SMS. Please check with our team if the language is supported for SMS. MyOPD smartly identifies the best language for patient and sends SMS in English or regional language as required. So you could have a case where 2 patients get the SMS in two different languages. You don’t have to worry about it.

Will SMS be delivered to DND numbers?

Except Announcement Messages which are bulk SMS in nature, all other SMS will be delivered to DND numbers as well.

Which countries is this facility available in?

SMS facility is currently available only in India. We are working to add more countries to the list of available countries for SMS.

Why aren’t the SMS given for free?

SMS gateway charges MyOPD Software for sending SMS. We pass on the charges to the Doctor. Not all Doctors may want to use the SMS. Hence, we do not include that in the cost of our product, its subscription or the AMC. Doctors who are interested in SMS can purchase them separately based on their need.

MyOPD also allows Doctors to use the phone numbers to send Important Announcement SMS – explained above, using their choice of SMS gateway so that they can directly purchase SMS from their vendor. Talk to our team to know more about this.

Have you started the free trial of MyOPD Software? If not, download your free trial at www.myopd.in

Introducing Patient Consent Forms for Medical Clinics

Gone are the days when consent forms were just a part of a Hospital Setup. Today’s modern medical clinics conduct examinations, Day care procedures on patients. Often the clinics need to document consent of patient for examination or a procedure.

MyOPD Clinic Management Software now allows Doctors to easily use Consent forms.

Doctors often face 3 major problems when it comes to consent forms:

  1. Creating / Designing a consent form
  2. Adding patient details like Name, Age, Address, Date of birth etc to the consent form without the need to enter the data of each and every patient
  3. Storing the form for future reference

MyOPD Clinic Management Software solves all these in a jiffy. We will see how each of these work.

1. Creating / Designing a Consent Form

MyOPD allows the flexibility to design your consent form in Microsoft Word and save it as a Word Document. Once this document is designed and created, you can import this document into MyOPD Software.

While designing this document, make sure you use Tags which will eventually get replaced by real patient data. Here is the list of tags we support as of writing this article.

Consent Form Supported Tags
Consent Form Supported Tags

Some of the Tags are applicable for MyOPD Beds Hospital Software product.

Simply use the Copy option against the tag and paste it in the Consent Form Word Document Template.

2. Filling Patient Details in the Consent Form

Once this document is imported into the MyOPD Software, use the document against a selected patient. At a click of a button, all the details related to the selected patient will get replaced in the Word Template Document of Consent Form. You now have a consent form created with details of the specific patient. Review it, make changes and print. That’s it!

3. Storing the Consent Form for future reference

Once the consent form is printed and signed by the patient, scan it with the help of MyOPD Desktop Companion Android app or with the help of a scanner. Transfer this scanned document to the Software so that it is available for future reference.

That’s it! You are all set to practice in an entirely new modern way with the help of consent forms.

Consent Form feature is current available in our Windows version product line. Feel free to download the free trial by visiting our home page www.myopd.in

Clinic Management System – 5 Advantages explained with a single prescription!

We have already seen “What is a Clinic Management System?”

Many Doctors prefer to writing a prescription vs using software. However, there are clear advantages that you gain over time and keep once you master using the software. In this article we explain the 5 advantages of using Clinic Management System with the help of a simple prescription printed using MyOPD.

Advantage #1: Patient details and Address

How many times is the Doctor required to ask the age of the patient, when the patient revisits? Just once while registering the patient. Then, the software automatically shows the current age no matter the patient visits after 1 years or 5 years.

See the image below.

Today’s date, Patient Name, ID, Current Age are all filled up.
  • Date and Time is auto filled
  • Patient Name, Age, Gender, Phone Number is all automatically filled up on the Rx. Software calculates the current age and prints that no matter when the patient visits.
  • Address of the patient once set is included on Rx for accurate patient identification.
  • In addition, MyOPD also allows printing of patient photo on Rx in case you want to do so.

Advantage #2: Fast Medicine Entry

Cleary write medicine name along with generic composition if required. With options to repeat the who Rx in a few clicks, software driven medicine entry will easily beat hand written medicine entry on prescription.

Advantage #3: Use of Investigation Templates

Group various investigations in templates like Diabetic Profile, Kidney Profile and so on…

For example, let’s say Doctor wants to add following tests as Diabetic Profile

  • BSL Fasting and PP
  • HBA1C
  • Lipid Profile
  • Sr. Creatinine

With one click, Doctor can include all these on the Rx for the patient. MyOPD further also allows to print the trend chart of the values of these on the Rx for better patient compliance to the treatment.

Advantage #4: Never forget an instruction / advice

Every prescription always contains dos and don’ts for the patient. These advices are usually included in the advice section. When there are 10 such things to be told to the patient, imagine writing them every time for every patient. It is such a monotonous task. With MyOPD you can simply include them all in one go using advice templates.

Advantage #5: Systematic Practice one prescription at a time

Discipline is a the key in every facet of life. In addition to allowing Doctors to print Charts & barcodes on Prescription, allowing to print Prescription in multiple languages and make the prescription as informative for the patient, a software driven way instills discipline.

If a follow-up is required, the follow-up date is clearly specified on the Rx. Patient can also get an automated SMS reminder. Helps Doctors to take the service to the next level.

This discipline goes a long way in helping Doctors practice better and manage a clinic with the help of software and handle other aspects of clinic like Billing, Reviews, SMS reminders and so on.

By creating one prescription at a time in MyOPD, Doctors using MyOPD Clinic Management System have created thousands and thousands of Prescriptions.

With that we conclude this article. If you haven’t already tried using a Clinic Management System, download free trial of MyOPD Software.

Like learning any new technology, the start may be slow, however, once you are ready, you will be ready to fly!

Hospital Management Software for hospitals under 40 Beds

And why don’t we provide Hospital Management Software for hospitals with more than 40 Beds?

If you are looking for Hospital Management Software and your setup is anywhere between 5 Beds to 40 Beds, you have come at the right place. You are special for us and we have a product for you.

We get asked a lot many times by Doctors and Hospital Administrators – “Why do we provide software to only those Hospitals having less than 40 Beds?”

Hospitals have multiple sizes. From our experience, Hospital Beds is one of the best criteria to classify hospitals. So you could classify Hospital roughly under below categories based on their beds:

  1. 1 – 10 Beds
  2. 10 – 30 Beds
  3. 30 – 50 Beds
  4. 50 – 100 Beds
  5. 100 – 500 Beds
  6. 500+ Beds

As the Hospital Beds go on increasing, so does

  • The number of Doctors associated with the Hospital
  • The number of specialties that the Hospital Caters to
  • The staff working in the Hospital
  • The admissions that happen in the Hospital
  • The computerized systems that will be used in the Hospital
  • The compliances for the Hospital

So, when a Hospital Management Software caters to Hospitals, the requirements and expectations from the Hospital Management Software go on changing based on the category of the Hospital.

For example

  • Having a Pharmacy or Laboratory module along with Hospital Management Software
  • Having it installed on multiple systems in multiple departments
  • Reports required to give insights about the functioning of the Hospital
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of such a solution
  • Cloud based solution or On Premise solution
  • Internet Dependent Solution or an Offline option

As seen, there is fundamental difference in the way Hospitals get managed depending on the type of a Hospital. Hence, a Hospital Management System should assist the administrators as closely as possible with respect to their requirements.

At MyOPD, we have perfected the functioning of Hospitals under 40 Beds. So if you have a 5 bedded Hospital or a 40 Bedded Hospital, we got you covered. We have been working regularly with Doctors and administrators managing Hospitals of these sizes.

As a result

  • MyOPD Hospital Management Software covers the requirements for Hospitals under 40 Beds nicely.
  • Suites the budget of such Hospitals.
  • Has well equipped support staff to handle training and support of staff working in such Hospitals.

All this results in fantastic solution for Doctors who run such Hospitals at the prices they can afford. Refer to our pocket friendly hospital management software pricing plans to see it for yourself.

Feel free to download the free trial of the OPD portion of the Hospital Management Software from our Home Page. Book a demo with us if you want to see the entire solution.

You may also view the YouTube video tutorials at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvf4pA7qB-L5zSLtoXiuiO8bCPQrsiuiR

5 Reasons Reception Staff should use Clinic Management System

Clinic Management System for Doctors and Medical Clinics

Individual medical practitioners typically start using a Clinic Management System in practice. However, many Doctors tend to practice all by themselves, without involving the staff.

Typical reasons why staff is not involved to be a part of clinic management system are:

  1. Lack of skills: This is the number 1 reason why Doctors think their staff will be unable to handle the system. In developing countries, not all staff are computer literate. That is the prime reason for hesitation to onboard them on to a clinic management system.
  2. Lack of space: Many medical clinics do not have enough space at reception to keep a computerized system.

However, we now provide compelling reasons why Doctors ought to rethink and how the above mentioned issues can be sorted out with options provided by MyOPD Clinic Management System.

So let’s first see the 5 Reasons why Reception staff should use a Clinic Management System:

  1. Ease of use: Gone are the days when Clinic Management Systems were complicated stuff to use and update. These days, the staff is much tech savvy than the earlier times and the systems have improved further as well. So Lack of skills of Reception staff is no more an issue based on our experience with Doctors who use MyOPD software along with Reception staff. This addresses our point # 1 above.
  2. Modern clinic: Imagine a patient walking in your clinic. Your staff walks up to the patient and fills his registration details on a tablet. This creates a wow factor in the mind of patient, then and there. With the use of software systems, you certainly project a modern image of your clinic which relies on systems to function properly and efficiently. Yes, you can now have the clinic tasks handled using a Smartphone / Tablet / PC. Even if you do not have enough space for a Desktop PC at reception, a tablet based system can still work. This addressed our point #2 above.
  3. Sharing of workload: Doctors are busy people. Reception staff can help Doctors with
    1. Patient Registration: Simple tasks of entering patients, their date of birth or age, address etc. is similar to creating a phone book contact. Everybody who uses a smartphone is pretty much aware of creating a new contact in a phone book. This simple task can be easily delegated by the Doctors to their Reception staff.
    2. Entering Vitals: Basic vital entry of patient like Height, Weight, SPO2, Temperature, Blood Pressure can be entered at the Reception desk, thereby saving time of Doctor and patient.
    3. Scanning Reports: Medical Reports got by patient can be handled scanned and entered by the staff in the system. Doctor can later just review the reports attached to the case.
  4. Create Queue of Waiting Patients: When the Doctor practices all by himself, it is not possible to know the number of people waiting outside. When reception staff gets involved, they can create a queue of waiting patients. Doctors view this queue in their system and know current patient count in the clinic. This also helps Doctors to divide time efficiently between the available patients. Plus, there is no confusion in the order of patients to visit the Doctor.
  5. Handle Billing: How many times have we seen the reception staff going in the Doctors chamber to just ask the Doctor how much the patient should be paying for this consultation? Many clinics have a intercom where after each consultation the reception staff rings the Doctor’s chamber to know the fee to be taken. Such a clinic looks so old-fashioned. In today’s modern world, their is no need to speak and ask. Things should just work silently with the help of software systems. When the Doctor enters the charge, the same should be reflected at staff end so that the patient can pay for it.

MyOPD provides multiple options for Doctors to choose. Feel free to download your free trial of Clinic Management System by visiting our website www.myopd.in

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Should Doctors have their own website?

Want your own website? Read this to understand a bit more about it.

Having your own website sounds impressive. However, many Doctors do not understand what does it take to make a website and well maintain it of course.

Why is a Website Needed?

Let’s first understand the basic question. Why is a website required?

The reason could be one or many of the ones given below.

  1. To show case the services offered by Doctor.
  2. Showcase availability at Clinics and Hospitals.
  3. Book appointment of the Doctor based on the schedule
  4. Patient education related articles and videos associated with the work of the Doctor
  5. Reviews from existing clients
  6. Case studies on some challenging cases handled by the Doctor

All these help patient make an informed decision about the Doctor.

In our opinion, if your requirement is point #1 and #2 only, you should not consider having your own website. This is because, the effort taken to make and maintain a website largely outweighs the information provided.

Your case to own a website becomes more solid as you start considering point # 3 onwards. The more points you tick, the more the requirement gets stronger.

By the way, you could still get all this done without your own website by just having your Google My Business page, free of cost. No matter after reading this page, you create your own website or not, just make sure you create your Google My Business page. It is super useful to show much of the information you want to show to your patients.

Important points to consider while making the website

  1. Make sure your website can be viewed correctly on PC as well as a Mobile phone. These days, 80 – 90% of your visitors will be coming via a mobile device.
  2. Make sure you have a way to know how many people are visiting your website on a monthly basis. This way, you at least know the utility of having a website in the first place.
  3. Make sure your website has searchable content that will drive traffic to the website based on the searches people conduct.
  4. Understand that not everybody that visits your website will be your potential client. You may be a Doctor in Mumbai and the article on your site may be read by a person sitting in Chennai. If you do provide your service in Chennai, then yes, it will help. However, if your area of service is Mumbai then the reader may not be your direct client, however, it will still help you increase your brand value.
  5. To keep a website running, you need a domain and hosting. Domain is the address which people type in the browser to reach the website. Hosting is where the content of the website is kept. Consider domain like the address of your home. Hosting is the actual house in question. You will need to pay for the Domain and Hosting both.
  6. You need a partner who can create a website for you and maintain it. Make sure you get proper quotes from them before you dive into having your own website.

MyOPD WebPage vs your Website

At MyOPD, Doctors who purchase MyOPD Clinic Management System get a free page hosted on MyOPD Website. This page takes care of point # 1 and # 2. Check out a sample webpage to get an idea. We have also introduced point # 3, although in a limited way for now.

This way, Doctors don’t need to have their own website in case their requirements are not much as listed above.

Photo by Branko Stancevic on Unsplash

Hospital Software Pricing in USD

MyOPD’s Hospital Mangement Software includes OPD as well as IPD software. In this post we explain the pricing of MyOPD Hospital Management Software for International clients. MyOPD Software works best for Hospitals having 5 Beds to 40 Beds. It involves modules like OPD Registration with UHID, IPD Admission, Discharge, IPD Billing and so on.

If you are based in India, you can instead check the prices in INR at https://www.myopd.in/blog/hospital-software-pricing/

Here are the different plans we have for Hospital Management Software.

Pay As You Go Plans

  • In Pay As You Go Plan, the OPD portion of the software keeps working without any yearly charge. However, you have to pay yearly charge to use the IPD portion.
  • So the basic difference between Pay As You Go and Subscription plan is that OPD version works for lifetime.
  • If you intend to use the software on more than 3 computers, you can choose from Pay As You Go Plan.

Pay As You Go Plan Rates

Pay As You Go Plan OptionsFirst Year PriceAMC from Next Year
120 Admissions for 1 year USD 320USD 100/year
250 Admissions for 1 year USD 340USD 115/year
500 Admissions for 1 yearUSD 370USD 130/year
All prices including taxes
  • With Pay As You Go Plan, you get all the benefits of the software (OPD + IPD) at a fixed yearly charge which you need to pay if you want to continue using the IPD portion of the software.
  • You are free to change your yearly quota during the next AMC recharge. Any unused quota of admissions from last year will be carried forward after the recharge.
  • OPD portion of the software keeps working without the yearly charge.

Unlimited Plan / One-Time Plan

  • In this plan, there is not restriction on the number of patient admissions in IPD.
  • You are covered under support plan and you also get software updates in the first year.
  • There is also no compulsion to pay the yearly AMC to use the software.
  • You can use the software in IPD without paying the AMC as well.
  • If you do not pay AMC, you will not get software updates, support and online services like SMS reminders etc.
  • However, your regular tasks in OPD and IPD will continue offline.

Unlimited Plan, One-Time Plan, Rate

Unlimited PlanFirst Year PriceOptional AMC from Next Year
No limit on Patient AdmissionsUSD 500USD 90 for 1 year
All prices including taxes
  • Product Updates and Support are available only if you have an active AMC.

Get in touch with us today to understand what will work best for you. Be assured that we will suggest you an option that will work the best for you. In case our solution does not fit your requirements, we will tell you so.

Book you free online demo with us to understand how MyOPD Beds Hospital Management Software Works. Click here to Contact us.

You may also watch our Demo YouTube Tutorials at:


Online Appointment Booking Solution for Doctors and Clinics

Are you looking for a mobile or Tablet based Clinic Management System with Online Appointment Booking? Your search ends here.

In the month of April 2021, we launched a new version of MyOPD ZIP Android app which allowed Doctors to practice along with Reception staff. You can read more about this version at https://www.myopd.in/blog/myopd-zip-clinic-software-with-reception/. The same version is now improved to allow Doctors to allow patients to book their online appointments at the clinic.

Clinic Online Appointment Booking Solution for Doctors – Highlights

  1. Doctors can configure number of online appointments for a particular day.
  2. Doctors can decide the charges for patient while booking an online appointment. Patients will pay to book an appointment. Payments by patients are available only in India.
  3. Doctors can share clinic’s appointment booking link with your patients.
  4. Patients book the appointment online.
  5. Doctors see the list of appointments booked in MyOPD ZIP Android app.

It is that simple!

Here are the complete features of this version in addition to functions of Doctor only version of MyOPD ZIP:

Online appointment booking solution

Download the free trial of MyOPD ZIP today from Google Playstore. Hit the button below and get started.