COVID19 Fitness Certificate for Migrants


Movement of people across states and regions has now started in India. However, migrants must have a valid Fitness Certificate for travel.

In Pune, India, the certificate format that was supplied to Doctors.

MyOPD software allows you to create such a fitness certificate. Copy generated by the MyOPD Software based on sample given by the Government is shown in the image above. You can print it on your own Letter Head or on a Plain paper by adding Doctor and Clinic Name in the header.

How to generate COVID19 Fitness Certificate?

  • Add New Patient if not already existing
  • Examine the patient and save the visit
  • Click Fitness Certificate option
  • Choose Other option under Health Condition section. Then type the required matter.
  • Choose Other option under I certify that section. Then type the required matter.
  • Copy the typed matter in section 4 & 5 in Notepad so that it can be reused for other patients.
    If you are not seeing the Other option in 4 & 5, you are using an older version of software. Please upgrade to latest version to use this feature.
  • If you are not seeing the Other option, you are using the older version of the software. Please upgrade your software using Help -> Check for updates to get the latest version.

    If you have any issues while using any of these features, get in touch with us over WhatsApp on +91-91683-26023 or mail us at [email protected].

    Telemedicine / Teleconsultation using MyOPD Software


    As the SARS-COV2 progresses, many Doctors are engaged in telephonic consultation.

    We guide you through the basic steps using which you can work with patient in this situation using MyOPD Windows version or Android app version.

    Step 1: Video Calling

    Doctors in India can use any of the popular apps like Google Duo or WhatsApp Video or Skype call to consult a patient. These are currently allowed as per the NITI Aayog’s telemedicine guideline. While Doctors abroad can also use these apps, please check if the respective governments do not mind using these apps for online consultation.

    Below are the instructions given to share Rx for Windows version. If you are using MyOPD ZIP Android app, please scroll to the next section to follow instructions for the Android app.

    Step 2 for Sharing Rx over WhatsApp or Email in Windows Version

    Once you document the case in the MyOPD Windows version software, you can share Rx as a PDF with the patient over Email / Whataspp.

    2.1 Setup Signature:

    Prior to sending Rx with your patient, you need to setup your signature in the app and then send the Rx to the patients.

    Read the steps to share Rx here:

    2.2 Generate PDF for sharing:

    Generate PDF to be shared with the patient.

    Please follow the steps given here:

    Also, for Doctors who want to share payment QR code over the generated PDF, use Option 3 given in the steps above.

    Step 2 for Sharing Rx over WhatsApp or Email in MyOPD ZIP Android version

    If you are using the Android app version, please follow the steps given here:

    If you have any issues while using any of these features, get in touch with us over WhatsApp on +91-91683-26023 or mail us at [email protected].

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    Practice Management Software is becoming all the more important now!


    Dunbar’s number says that Humans can comfortably remember 150 stable relationships

    This simply means, when your patient count goes above 150, it becomes all the more difficult to remember the patients and their medical histories.

    Gone are the days when Doctors would see a patient, write a prescription and forget about it. Welcome to a new world where Disease Management along with Record keeping become the key.

    We are going to give you 3 Examples where a Practice Management Software will work better than manual record keeping.

    Example # 1: COVID-19 and how will the Practice Management Software Help

    Let’s take a case of COVID-19 also known as the Novel Coronavirus. Administrative agencies are increasingly trying to identify people who have come in contact with patients who have tested positive.

    Usually, when any person has a medical issue, the person would first visit a General Practitioner or a Family Physician. It becomes important to understand which other patients were treated by the Doctor during the same time in the clinic.

    If the Doctor has no good way of keeping records, finding such cases becomes increasingly difficult. As seen in case of COVID-19, time is of supreme importance.

    Doctors who are using some form of Practice Management software or record keeping are doing a great favor to the community in general.

    Example # 2: Understanding trends of Blood Pressure, BSL, HBA1C, Sr. Creatinine and so on…

    You may be a Infectious Diseases Practitioner or a Diabetologist or a Cardiologist or a Nephrologist. One thing you surely have to agree on is the more data you have about the patient, you can treat the patient better.

    What if you simply see the trend charts of the patient’s Blood Pressure levels or HBA1C or Sr. Creatinine, you know how the patient is doing in general. Isn’t it a better way to treat the patient as opposed to gut feeling and based on only today’s Blood Pressure Level or HBA1C and so on?

    You may say, we still see previous values by looking at past reports given by patient. Well true, however, this involves multiple steps:

    1. The patient or you have all the reports at the time of consultation
    2. You run through those reports to find Sr. Creatinine or HBA1C and mentally create a chart
    3. Then you infer based on these values that you see for multiple patients, multiple times in a day.

    This approach is certainly error prone because a reading could be missed, or you could simply be tired to do these 3 steps everyday for every patient. And yes, Doctors see a lot of patients in a day.

    How about you see a nice chart at a click of a button showing you all the previous readings? Isn’t that going to relieve of the unnecessary work and let you focus more on giving the right advice to the patient?

    Give it a thought.

    Example # 3: Automate repetitive tasks

    The entire reason to use a software is to automate repetitive tasks.

    Let’s say you have to write the advice for URTI:

    1. Avoid eating oily and Fried food
    2. Gargle twice a day with warm water and pinch of salt
    3. Drink warm water during the day.

    Now, to every patient who have URTI, you have to write these 3 things over and over. Isn’t that boring? Further, if the patient is speaking another language, you got to translate that and write it for him. And yes, that is possible only if you know the patient’s language.

    Instead, why not just feed this in software once and let the software Print it for you over and over again in any language you want to give? That is the power of software.

    Using a Practice Management Software makes life simpler for Doctors and patients alike. You still got to learn how to operate it. It is just like learning to drive a vehicle for the first time.

    All you need is a will to change and practice in a different way!

    Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

    Coronavirus – Following Good Hygiene is the key – Dr. Bharat Purandare


    Dr. Bharat Purandare, Infectious Disease Physician, Pune

    In December 2019 a cluster of unusual pneumonia cases was reported from Hubei province in China, in and around the city of Wuhan. Scientists discovered that this respiratory disease is caused by a novel virus belonging to the coronavirus family and named it nCoV 2019. More than 95000 people from more than 85 countries have been infected and more than 3200 have died as of 5th March 2020. This viral disease has similarities with two previously reported epidemics of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in 2003 and MERS (middle-east respiratory disease) in 2014. World health organization (WHO) in early February 2020, has declared this epidemic as public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC)..

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    Who was MyOPD ZIP’s first client?


    Dr. Yogesh Jumrani from Sangli, Maharashtra.
    First client of MyOPD ZIP on Android since May 2017

    MyOPD™ Practice Management App also known as MyOPD ZIP was first released on Android smartphone in May 2017.

    Your first client is always special because he trusts you with his money when nobody else has ever bought your product or services.

    While we still had our Windows version in Market since 2012, Dr. Yogesh Jumrani a General Practitioner from Sangli in Maharasthra, India was the first to opt for a pure Mobile based version.

    Now, after 3 years of use of the product, here is Dr. Jumrani in discussion with our team describing his experience and the reason why he chose MyOPD ZIP.

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    Sample Prescriptions and other Documents

    Below are Sample Prescriptions printed via MyOPD Windows Version Software. Prescriptions in MyOPD are highly configurable giving you choice of including / excluding sections while printing. You may choose to include/exclude

  • Diagnosis, Complaints, Clinical Findings, Vitals, Investigation, Advice, Patient Barcode
  • Trade Names with or without Generic Names
  • UPI Payment Code
  • Clinic Logo, Clinic Name, Doctor Name, 2nd Doctor Name
  • Doctor’s signature
  • Print style 1-0-1 or a detailed style like given below and much more…
  • Scroll to end to view Medical Certificate and Fitness Certificate
  • Sample Prescription English

    English Rx

    Sample Prescription English – Detailed

    English Detailed Rx

    Sample Prescription Hindi

    Hindi Rx

    Sample Prescription Marathi

    Marathi Rx

    Sample Prescription Gujarati

    Gujarati Rx

    Sample Prescription Telugu

    Telugu Rx

    Sample Prescription Tamil

    Tamil Rx

    Sample Prescription Kannada

    Kannada Rx

    Sample Prescription Malayalam

    Malayalam Rx

    Sample Prescription Bengali

    Bengali Rx

    Sample Prescription Punjabi

    Punjabi Rx

    Sample Prescription Odia

    Odia Rx

    Sample Eyeglass Prescription

    Eyeglass Rx

    Sample Medical Certificate

    Medical Certificate

    Sample Fitness Certificate

    Fitiness Certificate

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    Hospital Software Sample Documents

    Below are sample Documents generated from MyOPD Beds Hospital Software. You can print them on a plain paper or your own Hospital Letter Head.

    Discharge Summary Sample

    Discharge Summary
    Discharge Summary

    Hospital Bill Sample

    Hospital Bill
    Hospital Bill
    Hospital Bill

    Admission Record Sample

    Discharge Summary
    Discharge Summary

    Visiting Consultant Payment Report Sample

    Discharge Summary
    Demo Videos

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    Does Hospital Software help with NABH compliance?

    Hospital Software

    A common question we get these days is, whether the MyOPD Beds Hospital Software will assist us in NABH. As Doctors try to get their Hospitals accredited via NABH, this becomes an important decision point while purchasing the software.

    For the uninitiated, NABH is National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers. With Accreditation, the benefits are immense. It is a recognition that the Hospital has defined standards and procedures laid down by NABH.

    Think it similar to a Hotel Accreditation system where Hotels are graded as 5 Star, 4 Star and so on…

    The Hospital aiming for Accreditation has to prepare for Assessment. This preparedness is termed as Pre-Accreditation Entry Level. Next comes the Progressive Level and finally comes Full Accreditation. You can read more about NABH at

    Now with the background of NABH, let’s see how MyOPD can assist Hospital administrators function better.
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    Company Employee Checkups and MyOPD

    Corporate Clients

    While working with Doctors in various fields, we came across many Doctors who were regularly treating corporate clients. Companies used to send their employees to Doctors for regular health checkup. Doctors working in this type of setup have common requirements.

    Let’s see what they are.

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