Can a Hospital change its Discharge Summary?

Discharge Summary is an official document given by the Hospital to the patient or patient’s relative at the time of discharge. Here is a sample of Discharge Summary printed from MyOPD Software.

Discharge Summary is one of the most important document to possess while getting out of the Hospital for following reasons:

  • It is a summarized reference to the treatment given in the Hospital.
  • It can be used for future treatment course anywhere else.
  • It will be used for settlement of insurance bills.

Based on our experience while working with Hospitals, we have seen that Discharge Summary requires an update even after the patient is discharged from the Hospital for following reasons:

Reason # 1: Missing Details

It may happen that the Hospital Staff failed to add certain details of treatment to the Discharge Summary at the time of discharge only to realize that later.

Reason # 2: Incorrect wording

At times, choice of words adds ambiguity to the details entered in Discharge Summary. In such cases, insurance company asks the patient to get the Discharge Summary updated again removing the ambiguity.

Patients then visit the Hospital again requesting an update to the Discharge Summary.

Reason # 3: Miscellaneous changes

Any other changes that the Doctor or Hospital Staff deems required for the completeness or correctness of Discharge Summary.

How does MyOPD Hospital Software handle Discharge Summary updates?

MyOPD Hospital Software handles the updates to Discharge Summary in the following way:

  1. Allow only admin users to update the Discharge Summary:
    • This is very important. Only the admin should be able to update the Discharge Summary post the Discharge of the patient. This way, only authorized personnel can make the required changes.
  2. Capture the change reason for the update to Discharge Summary:
    • This is also an extremely IMPORTANT option. It allows the admin to capture why the Discharge Summary was updated. While viewing the updated version, this change reason is always shown.
  3. Capture admin details who updated the Discharge Summary and date time of update:
    • When the Discharge Summary is updated post discharge, MyOPD Captures the login details of the admin account responsible for making the update along with date and time.
    • This way the Hospital Admin can know which admin account changed what and when.

While using MyOPD Hospital Software, the Hospital Staff will be able to see the latest version of Discharge Summary along with the previous obsolete versions as well.

This way, we try to keep the interest of Patients as well as the Doctors in balance.

Are you looking for a Hospital Software? Check details about MyOPD Hospital Software on our homepage at

How to handle Online Consultation In addition to regular clinic?

Online Consultation provides below direct advantages to the Doctors:

  1. Helps to get new patients who end up looking for you on the internet
  2. Helps to avoid unnecessary visits of existing patients
  3. Provides a formal mechanism for patients to pay and consult for services which don’t require seeing the patient.

In this post, we provide ways in which Online Consultation can be used by Doctors using MyOPD Software Platform:

How to make best use of online consultation clinic platform for your own benefit?

# 1: Health questions from your own patients via Online Consultation

Many Doctors are troubled by consistent questions from their patients over WhatsApp. Not answering them also creates an incorrect impression.
How about having a way where you direct your patients to a platform where you can answer them and also get paid?

Start telling your patients to contact you via your own Online Consultation Clinic when they have questions about their health. It is always better that our patients contact their trusted Doctor than someone else on the internet for their regular questions.

# 2: Discussing Investigation Reports

Many times, patients have to just discuss the investigation reports with Doctors. If no clinical examination of the patient is required, you can ask such patients to discuss them in the online consultation clinic instead of regular clinic. This way, patient can avoid a visit to the clinic and continue with the modified treatment based on the PDF prescription you share from MyOPD Software.

# 3: Consulting your own patients who are traveling

We don’t realize, however, many of our existing patients keep traveling and getting sick. It is always better for them to get in touch with their existing Doctor for their complaints. You can offer online consultation to such patients who need your help while they are away from your city.

Can I see a working demo of Online Consultation Clinic?

Please check:

How to setup Online Consultation Clinic?

Setup your online consultation clinic by following steps given at: Setting up Online Consultation Clinic – MyOPD™ Updates

How to inform patients about Online Consultation Clinic?

Patients can be informed about online consultation clinic by using ways given in article Informing Patients about Online Consultation – MyOPD™ Updates

Should I charge for Online Consultation Clinic?

Yes. We see that people who charge for service are serious about the service. So you should charge.

Based on the charges you set, MyOPD collects the patient’s payments using Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking / UPI and settles them into your account after deducting the payment gateway charges. MyOPD does not earn money for your consultations.

Should I have Online Consultation Clinic time separate than my regular clinic time?

  1. It is better to have a separate time if possible. You can have a dedicated 30 minute slot at a minimum.
  2. This way, you will know for sure that online consultations have to be done in that dedicated time rather than juggling them during the busy clinic hours.
  3. MyOPD books online appointments on first come first serve basis. Patients are added to a online queue. This way, Doctors get free once all the patients for online consultation are done.

Where will I see the online consultation appointments?

  1. Currently, you will receive an email when patients book an appointment. Plus, you will see them in your online profile at Profile -> My Online Profile in MyOPD Windows Application.
  2. Soon you will start seeing online consultation appointments in the newly developed MyOPD Desktop companion app.

What are you waiting for? Supercharge your practice with online consultation clinic!


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Free Clinic Software MyOPD ZIP Android App

5 Ways to make the best of MyOPD ZIP Free Plan

Benefit # 1: Your Patients, your Gold mine

Many Doctors start their careers by sharing OPD cabins with other fellow Doctors. Eventually, as the practice grows, Doctors shift to a permanent clinic. Over the course of time, Doctors end up treating numerous patients. When you eventually move to a permanent clinic, you want a way to tell your patients the new clinic address. Without a list of patients, this is not possible.

MyOPD ZIP Free plan allows you to keep a list of all your patients in the app, free of charge. You can export that list to Excel. The mobile number of your patients in these Excel file will help you to send SMS informing your patients about the new clinic address.

This is by far the single most important reason why Doctors who are beginners should use MyOPD ZIP Android app. Registering a new patient is simply like creating a new contact in mobile. It is that simple. Anyone can use it.

Plus, we do not contact your patients or do not use your data in anyway. Keep your gold mine with you.

Benefit # 2: Sharing Prescription over WhatsApp

So let’s assume, you have started to use MyOPD ZIP Android app Free Forever plan. However, you do not have a printer yet.

No problem. You can still record the patient’s case and share the Rx directly with the patient over WhatsApp. Follow the instructions given at

You can share Rx with any number of patients using the MyOPD ZIP Free Forever plan.

Sharing a Prescription with patient immediately projects professional approach of the Doctor. Also, entering prescription using Medicine Templates and Advice Templates is far easier. You can repeat medicines and advices for patients having same diagnosis. Read all advantages of an electronic prescription over a hand written prescription at

Such a electronic prescription can be printed easily using the MyOPD Free Forever plan. So what are you waiting for?

Benefit # 3: Review previous visit

Patient’s often visit Doctors without carrying their previous prescription. MyOPD ZIP allows you to see the previous visit of patient before creating a new prescription. You can simply repeat the entire prescription with one tap in case of chronic patients.

You can add more value to your practice by reviewing the previous prescription, patient’s allergy’s and then giving a new prescription. This is possible with the MyOPD ZIP Free Forever plan.

Benefit # 4: Print Medical Certificates, Fitness Certificates, Referral Letters

The Free Forever plan allows you to print all these Documents for FREE! You can print or share a PDF of these Documents with the patients.

Won’t your practice look better with a printed Document compared to a written Document?

Benefit # 5: View all data on upgrade to paid version!

Great news! Your practice is now growing and you want to start using the Advanced Features in the app like

  • Tracking Patient Payments
  • Photos of X-Rays, Lab Reports
  • Working with Reception Staff
  • Review multiple previous visits of patients
  • Use on multiple devices – Tablet in a clinic and phone while you are out of the clinic
  • and much more…

You now want to practice in full swing. So you upgrade to paid version. All your past hardwork pays off. All your previous patient records become available in the paid version.

See a comparison of the Paid plan compared to Free Forever plan at

How can MyOPD ZIP be Free Forever?

Many of you may have questions as to how MyOPD ZIP can afford to give software for free?

A while back we ourselves wrote an article about Free Software. Feel free to read it at

The point is, we are investing in you with the hope that you will grow and in the process, we will grow. It is that simple.

When you use the free version, you don’t use our servers or cost us money. Remember, MyOPD ZIP Free version is an offline application. So your data stays on your device and we are not charged for the patient entries you create. So it is a great symbiotic relationship between us.

As you grow, you will require advanced features of the app to improve your productivity and manage your clinic better. You will require data security to ensure that you don’t lose your data when you change your device. When you grow, you will certainly not mind paying.

To summarize, We assist you when you are setting up your practice. This way, you don’t need to worry about the initial software cost. Simple!

Download MyOPD ZIP for Android

Start using the app. Do you still have any reason for not using software in your practice? Comment below and we may help!

Provisional Hospital Bill and its use

Many times, patients demand a Hospital Bill in the middle of treatment to get an idea of the expense on the treatment till that time. Such a bill given by Hospital is known as Provisional Hospital Bill.

Reasons to give a Provisional Hospital Bill

  1. Patient’s demand: The patients can demand a Provisional Hospital Bill midway during the stay to understand the charges incurred so far on the treatment.
  2. Transparency in Billing: Giving a provisional bill when required by the patient brings about a transparency in the Hospital operations. Patients know exactly what they are being charged for on a day to day basis.
  3. Hospital billing process: Certain Hospital follow billing process where they present the patients with a Provisional Bill everyday to proactively give patients an idea of the treatments done till date.

How does a Provisional Bill Look?

Provisional Hospital Bill

Provisional Hospital Bill looks very similar to a Final Hospital Bill. However, there are some important points to be noted.

  1. Provisional Hospital Bill has a heading as Provisional Bill clearly mentioning that this Bill is a temporary bill and not Final.
  2. Most of the times the patient is still admitted. So Discharge Date is not available on the bill.
  3. Items in Provisional Bill are temporary and Subject to change based on revision by Hospital if required. The Hospital Staff can print a sample bill and get it reviewed from seniors before making it final.


Provisional Hospital Bill is an important document that a Hospital can offer to their patients as required. Having a software that allows Hospitals to print a Provisional Bill is certainly required by Hospitals. MyOPD Hospital Software allows Hospitals to print a Provisional Hospital Bill.

About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors. Start your FREE Trial today! You can download the software directly from or Google Playstore at Drop a mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Can using Clinic Management System Save Time and Increase Revenue?

We have already explored What is a Clinic Management System in our earlier article.

This article will give you an idea about features in a Clinic Management System that exactly help you save time and increase revenue of your clinic.

1. Online Web Presence for Doctors

We had written previously on Why Online web presence is the need of the hour. Cities have a lot of migrants and lot of villages have new patients coming over from cities while working from home.

In the era where even a pillow cover is chosen after looking at reviews, no wonder patients first look for online reviews of the Doctor before meeting the Doctor for the first time. Yes, they do get suggestions from their friends and network. However, with 2 friends suggesting 2 different Doctors, the Doctor having a good online presence may end up treating the new client.

In case of Doctor, getting the client for the first time is very important because usually, the patient won’t switch.

A Clinic Management Solution should also have the ability to help you better your online presence. The reviews could be collected on Google or Facebook. However, collecting them regularly from satisfied clients is the key to getting new clients.

Plus, this feature rarely requires much involvement by the Doctor. So with least effort, you can put your clinic on the path to increased business.

To summarize: This feature increases revenue.

2. Outstanding payment amounts from Patients

Many Doctors out of good faith give credit to their patient for treatment. However, in the busy schedule, Doctors or their staff tend to forget to make a note of the unpaid amount by the patient.

A good Clinic Management System will allow the Doctors to keep a track of unpaid payments from patients and remind Doctors or their staff on the next visit of the patient. This way, there is no monetary loss to the clinic.

Like the previous feature, this feature would require almost zero involvement by the Doctor. By entirely having the staff to manage the billing, you could easily recover your outstanding amounts from patients. Plus, the amount collected by staff is duly reported to the Doctor thereby avoiding any pilferage by the staff.

To summarize: This feature increases revenue.

3. Prescription

Many Doctors starting to use a Clinic Management System might not agree with this point. However, believe us, this is the most important time saving item once you start using a Clinic Management System in your practice.

A cleanly written prescription with great attention to detail will look something like this

A good clinic management system will allow you to enter

  • Group of investigations for say Pre-Natal check-up
  • Group of medicines for say a Diagnosis of Typhoid
  • Group of instructions to be told to patient for say a Diagnosis of Malaria

These have to be done quickly and efficiently so that nothing is missed.

Without a Clinic Management System, all these have to be remembered and written all the time for all such patients.

To summarize, this feature saves time.

4. Doctor visiting multiple cities

We work closely with one of our Doctor who visits multiple cities, once a month. MyOPD clinic management system allows the Doctor to send SMS reminders ahead of time to patients who are expected for follow-up. The SMS contains

  • Location of Clinic / Hospital and the Time of Doctor in the city
  • A number on which patients can book appointments ahead of time

When the Doctor reaches the OPD in a particular city, all the appointments are setup ahead of time. Patients get timely treatment and Doctor’s visit does not go waste.

To summarize: This feature increases revenue.

5. Reminders and Follow-ups

Clinic Management Systems offer great advantages in reminding patients for their upcoming check-ups, follow-ups, vaccinations, appointments and so on.

Many clinics have reception staff call the patients to remind them about check-ups. However, that requires the time of reception staff to be spent on calling activity. Instead, reminding via SMS / WhatsApp is much better and effective approach.

Timely reminders from the clinic result in timely treatment of patients. For e.g:

  • A timely reminder for ultrasound checkup for a pregnant lady
  • A timely reminder for vaccination for a kid
  • A timely reminder for check-up for a chronic Diabetic patient
  • and the list goes on…

To summarize: This feature saves time and increases revenue.

Saving time and increasing revenue is surely possible with the help of a Clinic Management Solution. What is required is your decision to get started. You don’t have to start doing everything on day one. However, by doing things in a step by step way, your clinic will surely benefit in the long run.

About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors. Start your FREE Trial today! You can download the software directly from or Google Playstore at Drop a mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Hospital Management System In India

We have already explained in another article What is a Hospital Management System? In this article we look at the growing importance of Hospital Management System in India.

Why is Hospital Management System In India important today for Hospitals in India?

Hospital management solutions help hospitals run smoothly. They make sure that every aspect of the hospital’s operation runs as planned. This includes scheduling appointments, tracking patient data, and managing billing.

In the Indian context a Hospital Management System in India is seeing growing importance because of factors below:

1. Professional Outlook of the Hospital

Some Hospitals in India provide a Handwritten Discharge Card and Hospital Bill. That is a very old way of working.

A hospital that provides its patients with a printed Hospital Bill (See Sample) and a printed Discharge Summary (See Sample) is been seen by patients as a forward looking, professional setup. Patients also get a comfort feeling that the Hospital is saving their records digitally and Doctors are looking at previous records for making further decisions regarding the patient’s health.

Hence, a Hospital that wants to differentiate itself and want to present its forward looking outlook to Patients should be considering the use of a Hospital Management System.

2. Better Co-ordination between Doctor and Staff resulting in free time for Doctor running the Hospital

Many Hospital setups fail to maintain co-ordination between Doctors and Staff because of lack of proper documentation and processes in the Hospitals. In such Hospitals, the Doctors running the show are always overwhelmed with questions from Patients as well as staff. Using Hospital Management Systems brings in a discipline in the Hospital resulting in better co-ordination between various parties. This frees up considerable time for the Doctor owning the Hospital.

3. Patients with Insurance

The number of patients in India having insurance is increasing day by day. If you want to serve these patients in your Hospital, you need a Hospital Management System. No insurance company would entertain a hand written Hospital Bill or a Discharge Summary.

4. NABH Accreditation for Hospitals in India

As Hospitals try to get themselves accredited with NABH, they need to satisfy conditions set by the board. Various levels of NABH require Hospitals to store and present information related to patient treatments and so on. Using a Hospital Management System allows Doctors to elevate themselves and prepare their Hospital setups for NABH compliances.

5. Better Documentation of the cases with the help of Hospital Management System

Using a Hospital Management System results in better documentation of treatment offered if uses correctly. In addition, since the information is stored, this information can be referenced for future visits of patients to the Hospital providing better care for patients. Patients are increasingly becoming more aware of the approach a Doctor takes while providing care. Using a Hospital Management System clearly puts the Doctor at an advantage as they can make informed decision about the patient’s case based on past history.

About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors. Start your FREE Trial today! You can download the software directly from or Google Playstore at Drop a mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Save Patient Records Case Papers

Are you a doctor who wants to keep writing their case papers as you always do?

Are you a doctor who has trouble finding the old case papers when patients come back to the clinic?

Are you a doctor who has run out of cub-boards to store your old patient case papers?

Are you a doctor who is entirely dependent on the staff to search and give the old case paper of the patient?

Are you a doctor who wants to start using a clinic-software but does not want to change the old habit of writing prescription?

Here is a solution to your problems. Watch the video below:

Save Case Papers and Patient Records using MyOPD Clinic Software

Download the free trial of MyOPD Android app from Google Playstore at

and put and end to your problems!

Adding Documents from Reception Desk

MyOPD Software allows Doctors to add Documents from Reception Desk. This feature is now available in MyOPD ZIP app for Android. It will soon be available on the Windows PC Version of the product as well. This article examines how adding Documents from Reception Desk will help Doctors.

Case 1: Saving written Prescription by the Doctor

This functionality of the Software is especially important for Doctors who want to write prescription and save it for later reference. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Doctor writes the prescription as they are doing currently i.e. by writing with pen and paper.
  2. When the Patient walks out, the Patient presents the prescription at Reception Desk.
  3. Reception Staff scans the prescription and saves it to MyOPD Software for future reference.
  4. When the patient visits the Clinic next time, without prescription, Doctor can view the prescription saved in previous visit in the software.

Case 2: Scanning X-Rays, Lab Reports before meeting the Doctor

When patients visit Doctor’s clinic, they often come with Lab Reports and X-Rays. Staff can scan these reports ahead of time and save it to the patient’s case before the patient meets the Doctor. This way, when the patient is with the Doctor, Doctor can quickly view the Digital copy of X-Ray or Documents in the software.

Important Points to keep in mind:

Before starting to use this feature, there are a few things to consider keeping in mind the privacy of the patient.

  1. Educate the reception staff about the privacy of patient reports and documents.
  2. Always have a clinic’s own Device for reception staff if you are using this feature. Ask them to operate this feature only through the authorized device of the clinic.
  3. If you are using the application as explained in Case 2, make sure the number of reports patients have brought match the number of documents shown in the software. This is to ensure that the Reception staff has not missed any important document while scanning or a case where the Documents scanned from Reception hasn’t yet synced to Doctor’s device.

Download the free trial of MyOPD Software by visiting

Physician Software

Do Physicians really need Physician Software?

As a physician do you really thing that software is a requirement?

If your answer is No, we encourage you to read further. If your answer is yes, well, you are already convinced about using it. However, you may still continue to understand our point of view.

5 Reasons Physicians need a Physician Software

1. Printed Prescriptions and their advantages

Clearly written printed Prescriptions look way professional than handwritten prescriptions. Writing a prescription by hand can also be time consuming as many times same instructions for medicines, their dosages, advices have to be rewritten for different patients.

Chronic patients simply need repeat prescriptions with minor modifications if any. EMR Software offers clear advantage in repeat medicine entry.

Doctors also have these records handy at one place in the Software during the next consultation with the patient.

MyOPD Software offers 4 Different Ways to create a Prescription saving enormous time for Doctors.

Also take a look at our article explaining 5 Advantages of EMR explained using a Single Prescription. Almost all EMR software provide these advantages these days.

2. Prescriptions in Regional Languages

Cities have become a hub of multi-lingual people. As a result Doctors see patients with different mother tongue. EMR Software assists you to print Rx in the language that the patient will understand best.

Check few Sample Prescription Documents in multiple languages generated using MyOPD Software

Some of the Prescriptions shown in the above link are simply impossible to create using a handwritten Prescription.

3. Tracking Outstanding Payments of Patients

We have come across Doctors who give credit to their patients because patients may not have the right method to pay at the time of consultation. While that is really good, tracking the balance amount to be paid by the patient can help Doctors inform the patient about the actual amount to pay during the next visit.

Physician Software allow Doctors to take care of this aspect of the Practice as well.

4. Automated Reminder System

Follow-ups are an inherent part of any Physician’s practice. However, many Patients simply forget to visit the Doctor again because they did not remember the date of next visit.

Physician software have a built in Reminder system that allow patients to be informed over SMS or WhatsApp automatically. So even if you have 2 follow-ups or 50 follow-ups for the day, the Software will do the job of sending automated reminder messages.

This helps Patients get timely check-up. It also helps increase the patient follow-up compliance for the Doctor.

5. Transparency in Practice

Last and the most important point of using a Physician Software is bringing transparency in the practice. Almost everything you enter is documented.

  • If a patient needs an old prescription print again, you have it.
  • If they need Payment Receipt, you can give it.
  • Medical Certificates, Fitness Certificates and other Documents can all be issued at ease.
  • Outstanding payments are tracked
  • Prescriptions can be sent as PDFs to patients
  • And much more is possible simply because you have digitized your practice.

MyOPD offers you a way to check if your requirements match with what we have to offer. You can download a free trial of MyOPD Clinic Software from our website

MyOPD Software works best for Physicians who are more interested in managing their EMRs thoroughly.

Introducing WhatsApp Patient Reminders in MyOPD Clinic Software

Frustrated that patients don’t have a look at your SMS reminders anymore?

MyOPD Clinic Software sends automated patient reminders via WhatsApp

Providing a reminder service as a part of your clinic’s activity is a great service to the patient. It helps them remember their follow-up dates, vaccination dates, ultrasound dates, appointment dates and so on.

A timely reminder goes a long way in adherence to medical treatment.

MyOPD already had a SMS reminder system. However, with the explosion of SMS for reasons beyond our control, patients often tend to miss the SMS delivered to them.

To solve this very issue, we have introduced WhatsApp reminders.

The probability of message being read when delivered via WhatsApp increases manifold as compared to SMS. Also, similar to SMS in local language, WhatsApp messages will also be delivered in local language based on your setting in MyOPD Software.

Below are some screenshots of how the message would look when the user receives it:

WhatsApp Review Message
Follow-up Reminder Message
Easy calling by user to the Clinic’s phone number

Interested in online demo with our team? Contact us via WhatsApp or Email us at [email protected]

MyOPD Clinic Software available as a Free trial. WhatsApp feature is available in the paid version. You can download the Software as Free Trial from

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