Adding Documents from Reception Desk

MyOPD Software allows Doctors to add Documents from Reception Desk. This feature is now available in MyOPD ZIP app for Android. It will soon be available on the Windows PC Version of the product as well. This article examines how adding Documents from Reception Desk will help Doctors.

Case 1: Saving written Prescription by the Doctor

This functionality of the Software is especially important for Doctors who want to write prescription and save it for later reference. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Doctor writes the prescription as they are doing currently i.e. by writing with pen and paper.
  2. When the Patient walks out, the Patient presents the prescription at Reception Desk.
  3. Reception Staff scans the prescription and saves it to MyOPD Software for future reference.
  4. When the patient visits the Clinic next time, without prescription, Doctor can view the prescription saved in previous visit in the software.

Case 2: Scanning X-Rays, Lab Reports before meeting the Doctor

When patients visit Doctor’s clinic, they often come with Lab Reports and X-Rays. Staff can scan these reports ahead of time and save it to the patient’s case before the patient meets the Doctor. This way, when the patient is with the Doctor, Doctor can quickly view the Digital copy of X-Ray or Documents in the software.

Important Points to keep in mind:

Before starting to use this feature, there are a few things to consider keeping in mind the privacy of the patient.

  1. Educate the reception staff about the privacy of patient reports and documents.
  2. Always have a clinic’s own Device for reception staff if you are using this feature. Ask them to operate this feature only through the authorized device of the clinic.
  3. If you are using the application as explained in Case 2, make sure the number of reports patients have brought match the number of documents shown in the software. This is to ensure that the Reception staff has not missed any important document while scanning or a case where the Documents scanned from Reception hasn’t yet synced to Doctor’s device.

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