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Can an EMR software be easy to use? Well add to that our scenario in India. This article takes you through our thoughts on this topic.

The Busy OPD

OPDs in India are extremely busy. We have too many patients and too less Doctors to address our situation. This puts pressure on existing Doctors to treat patients, a really demanding task. So is it possible to use an easy to use doctor software? We are assuming here that you are going to use this software to enter patient data and generate prescriptions.

Let’s digress a bit and compare this situation with another one.

Driving a car

Driving a car on Indian roads is a adventurous experience for anyone who is driving the car in India for the first time. The roads are busy, people are moving around, signals may/may not work. People jump signals. Drivers cut lanes. Ahh, too many problems.

Do you still drive a car? The answer would be yes, of course! And you get the benefits of driving a car too, right? Remember, how hard it was to try it for the first time? I was terrified and was sweating all over my face when people were honking all around. Did I give up? No! And did you? No!

Back to Doctor Software

Feel a similar situation? Don’t worry, we are there to help. You just have to get over the initial glitches before running smoothly. You would undergo the experiences that you would have got while driving the car for the first time. It would also mean seeing less patients to begin with. However, if you want to change, take hold of it now and commit to it.

Long term Benefits

  • Improved Service to Patients.
  • Wealth of Data about your Practice.
  • Making yourself technology aware.
  • Getting connected to Patients in many different ways.
  • No increasing case papers.

So go ahead, grab the steering wheel and go on a drive. You are always welcome to try MyOPD Doctor Software. Download you copy at http://www.myopd.in/product-pricing.php

Good luck and Happy Driving!

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