MyOPD™ For Patients – Improve Patient Engagement

We’re excited to announce the launch of MyOPD™ For Patients, a new app designed to enhance communication and engagement between you and your patients.

Benefits for Patients:

  • Convenient Access: Patients can download the app from the Play Store or App Store for easy access to information and communication with you.
  • Latest Rx and Clinic Information: Patients can stay informed with their latest prescription and your clinic information, right within the app. This feature is available in the app today.
  • Improved Communication: 
    • Using MyOPD™ For Patients app, patients will soon start receive notifications for Follow-ups, Appointments etc directly to the app. This feature will be available for all the users of MyOPD Windows Version having an active AMC. In addition to your SMS and WhatsApp reminders, this will be an additional reminding method.
    • Doctors who are currently not sending SMS / WhatsApp reminders to patients for follow-ups can also benefit from this feature. Patients who have downloaded this app will see the reminder as a notification. While this method is less reliable as patients can disable the notifications from apps, we think that patients won’t disable such important notifications from Doctors Clinic / Hospital. It will definitely be better than not reminding at all.

MyOPD™ For Patients App Download links:

App Store (iOS) Version:

Play Store (Android) Version:

Google Play icon

Helping Patients Download the App:

  • MyOPD For Patients app is available to paid clients of MyOPD Windows Based Software.
  • Simply direct patients to your online webpage hosted on MyOPD website. You can do so by clicking the WhatsApp icon in the Patient’s visit section.
  • Use the Flyer that MyOPD team shares with you and set it up in your Clinic Waiting room. Patients can scan the QR code and download the app.

How is MyOPD™ For Patients app different?

  1. MyOPD For Patients is not a Doctor Discovery platform. We are not into the business of recommending Doctors to your patients.
  2. MyOPD For Patients app is app for your own patients which you have seen in your own clinic. As a result, Patients only see the Doctors they have visited and who are using MyOPD Clinic Software in their practice.
  3. MyOPD For Patients app is totally ad-free. We do not show any Advertisements to user nor endorse any products within the app.
  4. MyOPD For Patients app will only show notifications sent by the Doctors of those patients. In certain cases we may send technical updates. However, we do not send any promotional content to your patients.

Important Points for Optimal Use:

  1. MyOPD All In One App for Doctors Configuration: Ensure your MyOPD All In One app is correctly set up for your account. If you encounter any issues, please open a support ticket with our team for assistance.
  2. SMS Credits: SMS verification will be done for patient mobile numbers. Please ensure you have sufficient SMS credits in your account. SMS credit from your account will be used while verifying your patient.
  3. Clinic/Hospital Information: Double-check that your Clinic/Hospital information is accurately reflected on your online webpage. This information, including timings, will be displayed to patients within the app.

By encouraging your patients to use MyOPD For Patients, you can create a more streamlined and efficient communication experience for everyone.

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