Hospital Management System In India

We have already explained in another article What is a Hospital Management System? In this article we look at the growing importance of Hospital Management System in India.

Why is Hospital Management System In India important today for Hospitals in India?

Hospital management solutions help hospitals run smoothly. They make sure that every aspect of the hospital’s operation runs as planned. This includes scheduling appointments, tracking patient data, and managing billing.

In the Indian context a Hospital Management System in India is seeing growing importance because of factors below:

1. Professional Outlook of the Hospital

Some Hospitals in India provide a Handwritten Discharge Card and Hospital Bill. That is a very old way of working.

A hospital that provides its patients with a printed Hospital Bill (See Sample) and a printed Discharge Summary (See Sample) is been seen by patients as a forward looking, professional setup. Patients also get a comfort feeling that the Hospital is saving their records digitally and Doctors are looking at previous records for making further decisions regarding the patient’s health.

Hence, a Hospital that wants to differentiate itself and want to present its forward looking outlook to Patients should be considering the use of a Hospital Management System.

2. Better Co-ordination between Doctor and Staff resulting in free time for Doctor running the Hospital

Many Hospital setups fail to maintain co-ordination between Doctors and Staff because of lack of proper documentation and processes in the Hospitals. In such Hospitals, the Doctors running the show are always overwhelmed with questions from Patients as well as staff. Using Hospital Management Systems brings in a discipline in the Hospital resulting in better co-ordination between various parties. This frees up considerable time for the Doctor owning the Hospital.

3. Patients with Insurance

The number of patients in India having insurance is increasing day by day. If you want to serve these patients in your Hospital, you need a Hospital Management System. No insurance company would entertain a hand written Hospital Bill or a Discharge Summary.

4. NABH Accreditation for Hospitals in India

As Hospitals try to get themselves accredited with NABH, they need to satisfy conditions set by the board. Various levels of NABH require Hospitals to store and present information related to patient treatments and so on. Using a Hospital Management System allows Doctors to elevate themselves and prepare their Hospital setups for NABH compliances.

5. Better Documentation of the cases with the help of Hospital Management System

Using a Hospital Management System results in better documentation of treatment offered if uses correctly. In addition, since the information is stored, this information can be referenced for future visits of patients to the Hospital providing better care for patients. Patients are increasingly becoming more aware of the approach a Doctor takes while providing care. Using a Hospital Management System clearly puts the Doctor at an advantage as they can make informed decision about the patient’s case based on past history.

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