The Art of Disconnecting

I am too busy, completely occupied with work or making it seem so. The other day, I asked my daughter for “Right Click” when I meant to ask for her “Right Hand”. That was terrible.

During the Diwali week, I happened to watch the interview of the famous nutrition expert, Ms. Rujuta Diwekar on Television. Apart from many good things she mentioned about lifestyle, one thing in particular was leaving aside electronic gadgets 1 hour prior to sleep. According to Rujuta, this helps in getting better sleep and fights insomnia.

While I was doing okay with sleep, the idea of disconnecting certainly sounded great. Easier said than done, I thought. I need to find out the Art of Disconnecting!

We live in a forever connected world. If there is no email, Facebook notification or a Whatsapp message, it would seem like lost. With services being accessed from smartphone, we carry reading and chitchatting right till we sleep. So how does one get disconnected? Is it that a greater addiction? Is the world going to miss you if you are offline?


To try out, I just pulled the WiFi Plug one fine day. The router went off at night and we were all disconnected. Simple!

The benefits were immediately visible:

  • More family time
  • Carry out many tasks in morning which I would have otherwise left for the weekend
  • Free out my weekend time from trivial tasks

Thinking what has happened in the world, I finally switched the router ON at 9AM. To my utter surprise, nothing great had happened. I was able to catch-up on everything in the morning with fresh mood and it is working quite well.

That’s my story, what is yours?


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