Net neutrality simplied – Example I

Net Neutrality – Example I

Net Neutrality - Logo Source:
Net Neutrality – Logo Source:

At MyOPD, we plan to help you make aware of net neutrality issue by introducing you to the concept with the help of certain real life examples.

Here is the first one in this series:

  1. You do a search (Google or Bing or Yahoo)
  2. Results show up in the search results
  3. You click a link to one of the website from the search results
  4. Your internet provider shows you a message like – “Sorry, your internet plan does not allow you to view this website”

Which side are you ON?

If you think this is wrong, you are supporting Net Neutrality. If you think it’s okay to slice internet like the way we pay for TV channel packages, you are against it.

If you are supporting Net Neutrality, spend couple of mintues to let Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) know about it. Just visit and let TRAI know that you don’t want your freedom of visiting any site on the internet to be taken away.

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