Pediatric Vaccination in India

How does it work?

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If you are a Pediatrician or a General Physician, pediatric vaccination is one activity that is a part of routine work in the clinic. One of the common questions asked by our clients undertaking the trial is – Can you remind patients about their vaccination milestones as per the IAP schedule?

Well, we would love to do that. However, there is a problem in the way India works. We experienced it in the field with our trial solution and then rolled it back. Here were the issues faced while implementing the automated SMS reminders using the IAP Schedule.

  1. IAP schedule is a guideline with vaccines to be administered in the range of age i.e. between 1 year to 1.5 years
  2. The age range is useful if the dosage is missed at the first recommended point
  3. IAP recommends multiple vaccines at a particular age. Patients at times do not have the money to pay for all the vaccines in one go. So Doctors split the vaccines according to patient’s convenience
  4. When the Vaccines are split, Doctors know the exact next date of administration of a particular vaccine. Some vaccines require a minimum gap to be maintained between them
  5. Additionally, there are some vaccines for high risk category. These vaccines are not required for normal children

Conclusion: Decision on when to vaccinate is taken by the Doctor on a case by case basis. Better leave that decision to Doctor who anyway checks the recommended IAP schedule. However, the Doctor has expertise to decide the vaccination points precisely.

What we do?
Empower the Doctor to set reminder as per his/her convenience. Doctors know best when the next vaccination date for a kid is, so let them decide that. We are just a medium to send reminders, not automate them. Some things just can’t be automated. That is why we have Doctors 🙂

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