Importance of Strong Passwords

Hello Doctors,

You might have heard a news about Google account password leaks. Read more about it here on Economic Times

That brings us to the question of your online safety. Sites these days are secured to prevent malicious attacks. In this article we will offer you some tips to tell you what you should look for when being online. These tips apply to any kind of transaction, be it medical related or shopping or mail or anything else.

Choosing Strong Passwords

This is very very very important. You may wonder though, what constitutes a strong password? Certainly not your birthdate, or the names of your kids, spouse, pets etc. Also not your college, school and so on publicly identifiable information about you. Then what?

Selecting a Clinic Software

Great, you have made a great choice to use of clinic software for practice.  In this article, we make an effort to guide you through the process for selecting a clinic software.

Firstly, have a clear understanding. Whether you would want to use a system without internet access or with internet? Each of these systems provide you advantages and disadvantages over one another.  We will explore those in this article.