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We were having a regular day at office. Thinking about what to do next for our Doctors and discussion around multiple possibilities.

Dr. Manoj Katariya, Manas Hospital, Pune
Dr. Manoj Katariya – using MyOPD Software since 2012

A frantic call from Dr. Manoj Katariya, one of our client set the tone for the day.  Dr. Katariya’s computer was refusing to start. Dr. Katariya was worried about his practice data. Rightly so, he had just finished entering around 5000+ patients and multiple visits in them. The computer was shown to the hardware vendor. The guy recommended a format. Rarely have I seen guys troubleshooting the system and resolving an issue without a format. Format seems to be the easiest way out to fix a problem.

Clinic Software Tamil Nadu Version

MyOPD clinic software Tamil Nadu version

Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu

On the occasion of Pongal, we are happy to announce the availability of MyOPD clinic software Tamil Nadu version. This version has Tamil Language based Prescriptions. Doctors in Tamil Nadu can print their prescriptions in Tamil Language making it easy for people in Tamil Nadu to understand the prescription better.

Below is a sample print of Tamil prescription:

Tamil Prescription
Tamil Language Prescription

You can print it on your own letter head or along with the Doctor and clinic name.
Other languages supported by MyOPD are English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Kannada.

Read This to know more about MyOPD clinic software. Here is what you need to know while selecting a vendor for your clinic software.

So what are you waiting for? Join the increasing community of Doctors using MyOPD in their clinics for practice. Start you free trial by signing up HERE

About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors in India. You are always welcome to see ifMyOPD satisfies your requirement. You can download the software directly from and try it out. Drop a mail to [email protected]and we will be happy to help.

Year 2014 in Review

Happy New Year 2015

We wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2015.

Here are the major milestones for MyOPD in the year 2014

MyOPD Year 2014 in Review

About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors in India. You are always welcome to see ifMyOPD satisfies your requirement. You can download the software directly from and try it out. Drop a mail to [email protected]and we will be happy to help.

HIV transmission modes

1st December is World AIDS Day

On this occasion, Team MyOPD thought of clearing some misconceptions and providing additional information by talking to Dr. Bharat Purandare who specializes in the field of HIV care.

Dr. Purandare explains with great detail steps you need to take while saving a bleeding person on road, HIV transmission modes and much more… Read on…

Diabetes in Kids

Smiley with Burger
Clipart taken from Microsoft office online clipart gallery

We come across a lot of literature about Diabetes and its effect on individuals at mid-life or old age. However, very little is read about Diabetes in kids. With advent of fast food, the situation is even more dangerous. MyOPD team had a quick conversation with Dr. Asmit Vaidya to get his perspective on the topic.

Team MyOPD: How early in life can one get Diabetic?

Dr. Vaidya: As early as 5 yrs.

Team MyOPD: If it is hereditary, what should be done to avoid the passage to the progeny?

Dr. Vaidya: It is hereditary. Nothing can be done. One is more likely to get Diabetes at a early age if 1st degree relatives have Diabetes.

Team MyOPD: Would excessive consumption of chocolates by kids (< 10 yr olds) result in Diabetes?

Dr. Vaidya: No relation of chocolate consumption.

Team MyOPD: Would consumption of fast food, burgers result in Diabetes?

Dr. Vaidya: Fast food causes obesity …that can lead to Diabetes at a later age.

Team MyOPD: We all know that a physical activity is good. However, how much is really enough for these kids considering they have a high sugar intake.

Dr. Vaidya: Children should play physically exhausting games for 1 hr.

Team MyOPD: What are the typical symptoms that a child would demonstrate when Diabetic? This would help parents to get the child to a physician earlier.

Dr. Vaidya: Symptoms of Diabetes are – Polyuria  – increased urination; Polydipsia – increased thirst; Polyphagia – Increased hunger; Failure to gain weight.

Team MyOPD: Thank you Dr. Vaidya for your guidance on this topic. 

The Art of Disconnecting

I am too busy, completely occupied with work or making it seem so. The other day, I asked my daughter for “Right Click” when I meant to ask for her “Right Hand”. That was terrible.

During the Diwali week, I happened to watch the interview of the famous nutrition expert, Ms. Rujuta Diwekar on Television. Apart from many good things she mentioned about lifestyle, one thing in particular was leaving aside electronic gadgets 1 hour prior to sleep. According to Rujuta, this helps in getting better sleep and fights insomnia.

While I was doing okay with sleep, the idea of disconnecting certainly sounded great. Easier said than done, I thought. I need to find out the Art of Disconnecting!

We live in a forever connected world. If there is no email, Facebook notification or a Whatsapp message, it would seem like lost. With services being accessed from smartphone, we carry reading and chitchatting right till we sleep. So how does one get disconnected? Is it that a greater addiction? Is the world going to miss you if you are offline?


To try out, I just pulled the WiFi Plug one fine day. The router went off at night and we were all disconnected. Simple!

The benefits were immediately visible:

  • More family time
  • Carry out many tasks in morning which I would have otherwise left for the weekend
  • Free out my weekend time from trivial tasks

Thinking what has happened in the world, I finally switched the router ON at 9AM. To my utter surprise, nothing great had happened. I was able to catch-up on everything in the morning with fresh mood and it is working quite well.

That’s my story, what is yours?


Clinic Software Diwali Offer

MyOPD Diwali Bonanza

Happy Diwali
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We are offering MyOPD at the price we sold MyOPD in last year’s Diwali. As a result, you will get a hefty discount on the existing price.

However, you have to purchase the product before 26th October 2014 to claim the offer. On purchase, you get all the benefits of a paid version in this clinic software offer. Check the current pricing details HERE

How to buy?

Old age problems in India

Dr. Atulya Saurabh
Dr. Atulya Saurabh, Geriatrician & Diabetologist in Bhopal, MP

In this edition of Booster Dose, we talk about the old age problems in India and measures to avoid them. We all know, a stitch in time, saves nine. To tell us more about this, we have Dr. Atulya Saurabh, Geriatrician from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. MyOPD team talked to Dr. Atulya Saurabh to get his views on this topic.

Team MyOPD: How do we define old age in today’s terms? Is it beyond 50 or 60?

Easy to use, Doctor software

Laptop User for Doctor Software
Clipart from Microsoft Office online website

Can an EMR software be easy to use? Well add to that our scenario in India. This article takes you through our thoughts on this topic.

The Busy OPD

OPDs in India are extremely busy. We have too many patients and too less Doctors to address our situation. This puts pressure on existing Doctors to treat patients, a really demanding task. So is it possible to use an easy to use doctor software? We are assuming here that you are going to use this software to enter patient data and generate prescriptions.

Dr. Mayuresh Joshi on Software for Doctors

Hello Everyone,

We are introducing a new category in our blog, Booster Dose. Here we talk to Doctors within the MyOPD Community on varied topics which would interest fellow Doctors as well as other readers.

In the first article of Booster Dose, we interacted with Dr. Mayuresh Joshi, Physician in Panvel, Maharashtra.

Dr. Mayuresh Joshi on Software for Doctors

Dr. Mayuresh Joshi on Software for Doctors
Dr. Mayuresh Joshi, Physician, Panvel, Maharashtra

Team MyOPD: Why did you choose a Practice management software?

Dr. Joshi: Keeping records of patients treated by me is very necessary, we use to maintain case papers for last many years but for futuristic “paperless” procedure and to make the daily working easy, I chose this software.