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MyOPD ZIP Clinic Software with Dark Mode Theme

Introducing MyOPD ZIP with Dark Mode

What is Dark Mode?

Doctors using MyOPD ZIP for their practice spend most of their time working with MyOPD ZIP app. Looking for long hours at the phone screen could cause strain on eyes.

MyOPD ZIP now uses the support provided by Android OS to allow Dark Mode in app.

Using Dark Mode gives less strain on eyes, plus it would save your phone battery while working as major part of screen remains dark without any illumination.

How to enable Dark Mode on your Android phone?

  1. Open phone Settings
  2. Search for Dark Theme or Dark Mode
  3. You will see this setting under the Display section
  4. Toggle it to Enable / Disable Dark Mode
  5. Once Dark Theme is set for the phone, MyOPD ZIP automatically picks it up and uses it in the app

MyOPD ZIP Dark Mode – Because we care for your eyes…

If you haven’t yet tried MyOPD ZIP, download the free trial from Google Playstore at: MyOPD ZIP for Doctors and Clinics

Sample Prescriptions and other Documents

Below are Sample Prescriptions printed via MyOPD Windows Version Software. Prescriptions in MyOPD are highly configurable giving you choice of including / excluding sections while printing. You may choose to include/exclude

  • Diagnosis, Complaints, Clinical Findings, Vitals, Investigation, Advice, Patient Barcode
  • Trade Names with or without Generic Names
  • UPI Payment Code
  • Clinic Logo, Clinic Name, Doctor Name, 2nd Doctor Name
  • Doctor’s signature
  • Print style 1-0-1 or a detailed style like given below and much more…
  • Scroll to end to view Medical Certificate and Fitness Certificate
  • Sample Prescription English

    English Rx

    Sample Prescription English – Detailed

    English Detailed Rx

    Sample Prescription Hindi

    Hindi Rx

    Sample Prescription Marathi

    Marathi Rx

    Sample Prescription Gujarati

    Gujarati Rx

    Sample Prescription Telugu

    Telugu Rx

    Sample Prescription Tamil

    Tamil Rx

    Sample Prescription Kannada

    Kannada Rx

    Sample Prescription Malayalam

    Malayalam Rx

    Sample Prescription Bengali

    Bengali Rx

    Sample Prescription Punjabi

    Punjabi Rx

    Sample Prescription Odia

    Odia Rx

    Sample Eyeglass Prescription

    Eyeglass Rx

    Sample Medical Certificate

    Medical Certificate

    Sample Fitness Certificate

    Fitiness Certificate

    Are you interested in MyOPD Clinic Software? The software is free to try.
    Signup at https://www.myopd.in/

    Clinic Software Telugu Version

    MyOPD clinic software Telugu version


    Telugu (image source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telugu_language#/media/File:Teluguspeakers.png)

    On the occasion of Navratri, we are happy to announce the availability of MyOPD prescriptions in Telugu. Doctors can now take prescriptions in Telugu language for their Telugu speaking clients.

    Read why local language based prescriptions are important here

    Below is a sample print of Telugu prescription:
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    Changing EMR Software

    So you are thinking of migrating your existing software to a newer software.

    You should talk to your new vendor to see how much of existing data can be transferred to the new EMR. Your new software should be able to capture all or part of existing –

    • Patient Details (Name, Address, Phone number) 
    • One or more visits for Patient
    • Existing Drug Database
    • Prescription for each Visit
    • Investigations recommended in each visit along with investigation reports for those investigations
    • Charges
    • Procedures done on Patient

    Steps in Migration 

    1. Provide Existing Sample Data: You would have to provide sample data from your existing software so that the import to new software can be verified. Existing sample data can be in a XML or CSV format
    2. Developing Migration Software: Based on your existing sample data, a migration software can be developed. You may be charged by your new vendor for this activity.
    3. Migration Verification: Once the migration of sample data completes, you should be able to see old data in the form of new software. Make sure the data provided matches exactly with what was provided. For e.g: Patient details (Name, Date of birth etc) should be exactly the same in the new software. Visit Dates, Prescriptions for visits should match. Consider matching random details for patient by comparing existing and new software. If you find a mismatch, ask the vendor to correct it. If it cannot be corrected, get satisfactory explanation on why it cannot be corrected. Understand the risk of not having certain items transferred to the new software.

    Once you are fully satisfied that the data can be successfully migrated, let go of your old software. Till then, you can keep using it if data is important to you.

    Post Migration Support

    Check if the team helping you with migration is capable of providing you post migration support. This is important as you may hit an unforeseen issue as a result of migration activity. In such situation, you need a helping hand with you.

    In the end, you don’t want to pay for migration services only to discover few months down the line that the migration did not happen properly and shows wrong data for your patients.

    You can consider getting data from your existing software to MyOPD. Get in touch with us to find more about how this can be done.

    So what are you waiting for? Start you free trial on MyOPD by signing up HERE

    About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors in India. You are always welcome to see ifMyOPD satisfies your requirement. You can download the software directly from 
    http://www.myopd.in/product-pricing.php and try it out. Drop a mail to [email protected]and we will be happy to help.

    Trust comes with time

    Will you be in business 2 years from now?


    We are there for you
    Image source: https://openclipart.org/

    A very common question we were asked when we started MyOPD in late 2011. Our company became Private Limited in July 2012. Answering these questions have become easy for us in 2015 than in the year 2012 when we were not even an year old.

    The question was pertinent though.  Doctors had gone through some rough experiences while dealing with some providers in the past. Particularly the Doctors we met faced these issues from their vendors:

    • Were promised everything that was asked by the sales person. Once the money was paid, no promises were kept
    • Gave really basic Software and kept asking more money for customization
    • Vendors were college students/friends/relatives doing part time projects. No serious dedication to make things better for Doctors over a period of time.

    How different are we?

    • MyOPD sells directly through the internet. We do not visit Doctor’s office simply because it is not required. This way, we reduce our operating costs and pass the monitory benefit to you. Mobiles are bought these days over the internet, why can’t clinic software?

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    Find me patients with Diabetes

    Does your clinic software allow you to?

    Diagnosis Trend

    Diagnosis Trend for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever shown by MyOPD Clinic Software

    1) Find all the patients who have Diabetes

    2) Find all the patients who have Diabetes and have age above 50 years

    3) Find all the patients who have Diabetes, have age above 50 years and are females

    4) Find all the Patients who are above 100kg and have age less than 30 years

    5) Find how many Tuberculosis patients were detected at my clinic in the last year

    Once I find them, I want to tell them something really important which will make their life better.

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    We just completed YAAR!

    YAAR – Yet Another Awesome Release

    MyOPD Software

    MyOPD Clinic Software. Grab your FREE Trial today!

    MyOPD was last updated on 20th February. Exactly 2 months later, on 21st April, we released yet another awesome release. The 2 months wait for our Doctors was a tad longer, however, the wait was worth it, we think.

    This release packs a punch to reduce the time it takes for Doctors to see a patient by reducing few clicks here and there. However, those clicks certainly take down the time while doing the repetitive entry over and over.

    What have we done exactly? To know that join the increasing community of Doctors using MyOPD in their clinics for practice. Start you free trial by signing up HERE

    Start on a never ending journey of using technology and get the MyOPD Experience. Ultimately, there is no other satisfaction than to see our Doctors happy and using MyOPD to help the people.

    About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors in India. You are always welcome to see ifMyOPD satisfies your requirement. You can download the software directly from 
    http://www.myopd.in/product-pricing.php and try it out. Drop a mail to [email protected]and we will be happy to help.

    Safety of your data

    MyOPD Data security

    Image courtesy: www.freeclipartnow.com

    One of the common questions Doctors ask us is – Is my data safe within your cloud backup? Who has access to our data?

    These are very important issues and we have strict adherence to policies to help us provide you the level of service and transparency you would expect.

    So in this post, let’s look at how is your data accessed, when and by whom?


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    Dr. Mayuresh Joshi on Software for Doctors

    Hello Everyone,

    We are introducing a new category in our blog, Booster Dose. Here we talk to Doctors within the MyOPD Community on varied topics which would interest fellow Doctors as well as other readers.

    In the first article of Booster Dose, we interacted with Dr. Mayuresh Joshi, Physician in Panvel, Maharashtra.

    Dr. Mayuresh Joshi on Software for Doctors

    Dr. Mayuresh Joshi on Software for Doctors

    Dr. Mayuresh Joshi, Physician, Panvel, Maharashtra

    Team MyOPD: Why did you choose a Practice management software?

    Dr. Joshi: Keeping records of patients treated by me is very necessary, we use to maintain case papers for last many years but for futuristic “paperless” procedure and to make the daily working easy, I chose this software.

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